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Yesterday students in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem started a new academic year. Among them there were a few visually impaired students who were supposed to test QTSaver. I decided to learn how these students surf the Web in case there will be any problems on their way to know how QTSaver works. Here is what Qtsaver collected for me on this issue in an hour.

How did I do it?

I knew from a blind user that he uses the JAWS software. So I started a query with the words "JAWS visually impaired" and got a results page with suggested words. I picked one and started a new query with this word and the word "JAWS" I repeated this procedure about 30 times. Every time I added a new suggested word to the word "JAWS"…

JAWS for Windows (JFW) is a program that reads information from a computer display and speaks it to you through a speech synthesizer. JFW supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP Home and Professional. JAWS . JAWS is a powerful software program designed to work with a speech synthesizer to improve the productivity level of visually impaired employees, students and the casual user. By streamlining keyboard functions, automating commands, and eliminating repetition, JAWS allows the operator to learn faster and easier than ever before. JAWS is based upon a whole new approach to talking computers - that of designing software with the priorities of the blind user in mind. Yet, the sighted trainer or supervisor has not been forgotten, since JAWS offers both audible and visual flexibility.

JAWS QUICKSTART: Double click the JAWS icon on the screen, Press CONTROL as soon as you hear anything, Press the INSERT and DOWN ARROW keys at the same time. JAWS will now read the entire screen.

JAWS Basics: JAWS is a software program which “reads” what is on the computer monitor in front of you. This feature allows JAWS to be very useful to students who have trouble reading or seeing what is the screen in front of them. JAWS is simple to start-up, and has many features that more experienced users might find useful (voice changes, speed, etc).

STEP 1: Getting Started First, double click on the JAWS icon on the screen. You should see a thin blue banner appear on the screen followed by a voice that will begin telling you about JAWS. Whenever you wish to interrupt JAWS, or silence it, you may press the CTRL key, and JAWS will stop speaking. JAWS will not start again until you perform another task with the mouse or arrow keys. To get JAWS to read the entire screen in front of you as you work within a document, press “ALT” and the “A” keys at the same time. JAWS will now read to the bottom of the screen. Use the mouse or “PAGE DOWN KEY” to scroll down and have JAWS read more.

JAWS v4.01 (Job Access With Speech) by Freedom ScientificTM.
This is a powerful screen reader program for people who are blind. It uses an integrated voice synthesizer and your computer's sound card to output the content of your computer screen to speakers. JAWS supports web browsers fot internet access, e-mail programs, word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software, web development tools, database management software, and much more.

There is a tutorial for blind users on the JAWS CD. This tutorial is designed for a sighted tutor to teach a blind user to use JAWS with Windows programs. With its internal software speech synthesizer and a computer sound card, information on the screen is read aloud. This comprehensive tutorial provides specifics on using JAWS with Windows including: basics, keyboard commands, JAWS screen reading commands, how to switch between applications, work with windows and dialog boxes, and much more.

August 1995
JAWS Our screen reading program for the Windows environment was released in January of this year and continues to be praised. Adaptive technology consultants, software users, and technology publications laud the features and performance of JAWS for Windows. Jeff Senge, a user from California State University- Fullerton, wrote in "Advantage" (a newsletter of Blind Students of California) "JAWS for Windows is in my opinion the best Windows screen reader to come along so far. From its easy to use installation program to its standard Windows on-line help system, it is the only Windows screen reader that I have seen so far that has a true Windows look and feel. Besides its consistent Windows style user interface design, the program works well.

Florida, October 30, 2002) Freedom Scientific has combined the latest technology advances in its JAWS screen reader with the most up-to-date version of Microsoft Internet Explorer to create its first audio tutorial for the Windows XP environment. This tutorial is for those users whose computers operate on the Windows XP operating system and want to browse Web sites using JAWS 4.5 and IE 6.

Connect Outloud is designed for the beginning to experienced blind or low vision computer user to access the Internet through speech and Braille output. This software is based on our popular JAWS® for Windows technology and offers additional access to the Windows XP operating system.

Librarians normally frown on people chatting in their quiet domain, but when a computer is doing the talking, they'll make an exception. Starting today, new software on computers in many New York Public Library branches will allow the blind and visually impaired to use E-mail, word processors and spreadsheets, and surf the Web with ease. Access software, JAWS 5.0 and MAGIC 9.0, has been installed on computers at the library's Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island branches.

JFW uses what is called Off-Screen Model which makes use of the output sent to the video card. This causes it to use colors, highlights and other feature a sighted person uses, it is not using OCR technology.
It then passes the pertinent information to the interface for the Braille display and/or synthesizer. A large part of the functionality of JFW is found in the Script Manager.

Can I erase previous versions of JFW that I have on my computer?
You can erase any older versions of JFW from your hard drive once the current version of JFW works successfully.

Upgrading and New Versions
Do I have to unauthorize JFW to install a new version?
You do not have to unauthorize JFW in order to install the new version. You can download the current version of JFW from our Web site (from the Henter-Joyce FTP site).

Does JFW 3.0 work with the GTE internet service browser; if not what do we want to use? Henter-Joyce suggests using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 as the browser and either Microsoft Internet Mail or Eudora Light for e-mail.

JAWS Tutorial for the Sighted By Susie Adams

September 30, 2001

This tutorial uses Windows 95/98, Microsoft Word 97, and JAWS 3.7U.

MAGic by Freedom ScientificTM
A screen magnification program, it contains high and true color support (up to 32-bit) for enhanced smoothing of characters. The only magnification software to work with the powerful program for blind-- JAWS for Windows screen-reading software.

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