Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Orion Ori Allon

This is another experiment in pileup query.
I used only the simple search to collect the initial information and the pileup.

Original Query was: Orion Ori Allon

I slightly edited the results and erased duplicates.

Conclusion: Pileups were negligible.

This is the first results page:
Developed by Ori Allon, the Orion© search engine is designed to complement searches conducted on services such as Google, Yahoo or MSN Search. Search engines find pages on which keywords occur.
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: A 26-year-old PhD student from the University of New South Wales has patented a new way of exploring the web that could revolutionize existing search engines.
Researchers in Australia have developed a new method of exploring the web that could have a big impact on the search engines we use today. Ori Allon is the 26-year-old PhD student behind the Orion search engine that's earning praise from Bill Gates among others for its ability to return pages on not just the keyword entered in, but also pages with content that is strongly related to the keyword. Conventional search engines return pages in which the keywords occur - some of them related to the topic, others not.

And this is the only good pileup I found:
But it is Ori who has developed this through his amazing creativity and sheer hard work over these past months," said Mr Martin. Andrew Stead of New South Innovations, the technology transfer company within UNSW, says he is confident that Orion© will fill a gap in the market noted by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. "Bill Gates was recently quoted in Forbes magazine as saying that we need to take the search way beyond how people think of it today. We believe that Orion© will do that." Allon said some big companies already had shown some initial interest in implementing Orion © for commercial use.

I got more information by changing the query to Orion QTSaver:
The problem is that you can not test this revolutionary new search engine. There is another software that extracts micro content from Google or Yahoo that you can test
If you use Surfnotes, you get only relevant data, such as a sentence that indicates exactly what the earnings were, the name of the company, and the name of the chief executive officer. A week ago I thought QTSaver is the only player in this field but now we have also TheConcept, Orion and Surfnotes.

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mr. H.M.Fischer said...

The only comment to mr Ori Allon is: congratulation, you decerve your doktor title.
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