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This is another experiment in pileup query.

Suggested words were:

services ; solutions ; access ; internet ; capeclear ; network ; windows ; explorer ; strategy ; program ; users;

I slightly edited the results and erased duplicates.

Conclusions: in this experiment pileups were more informative than the first page results, mainly because it found the manual that teaches users how to work with WinVision (I brought only the opening paragraphs).

This is the first results page.
I was very pleased to see WinVision integrate, validate and improve the performance of applications using WebServices. Companies in Silicon Valley will notice the depth and breadth of WinVision technical team for any Web Services Projects.
WinVision and its offshore development center, WinVision Application Solutions, is a worldwide provider of IT Solutions to large, mid-size and small organizations.
Why WinVision 97.
In addition to the trademark SPEED, SIMPLICITY and POWER of Artic WinVision 95 you can now take advantage of the many changes in Microsoft OFFICE 97 and use INTERNET EXPLORER in a sensible manner! Plus, you do not have to use complex macros because ARTIC ACCESS IS AUTOMATIC!
features: all of winvision 95 previous features microsoft office 97 compatible easily installs in seconds from a single disk internet explorer 3 proactive includes a new internet web-pilot function! microsoft active accessibility ready works with many synthesizers and braille displays Recent changes in Microsoft Office 97 have left most access programs speechless! :
WinVision is now "XPerienced" meaning the site has been totally redesigned to meet the needs of Windows XP users. Windows XP is currently the latest and greatest Windows version yet to be released.
WinVision has a whole new Tips sections which is aimed is full of tips, tricks and tweaks to optimize Windows XP. The Files section has downloads which features top freeware, shareware and trial utilities for Windows XP.
Makers of the WinVision and WinVisionPro video capture cards
Current WinVision and WinVisionPro drivers can be downloaded from our ftp site.
WinVision has been a Microsoft Solution Partner ever since 1996.
Winvision's strategy of viewing Services as Software is the new paradigm and driving the Custom Software Markets to greater heights. Single Secure Sign-on Using portal applications require certain security however too much security can create administrative logjams and negatively impact the user community & Performance, while insufficient security exposes your network resources to internal and external misuse or abuse.
To address these problems, WinVision offers Secured Login solutions to your Enterprise users with secure single sign-on access to virtually any application in your network. Because it is integrated with a directory services through LDAP and enables you to control access to network resources, based on company policies and user profiles.
Moreover, as a key part of WinVision’s Multi Platform, Multi Vendor neutral, comprehensive open solution for security and access, helps seamlessly integrate the powerful security features with virtually any network environment. CapeClear's CapeStudio and CapeConnect As part of Web Services Solution offerings Winvision is partnering with CapeClear on its CapeStudio (Ground up Web Services Development Suite) and CapeConnect (Infrasrtucture for Building and Deploying) the EJB & CORBA framework based implementations. WinVision has taken up the System Integration efforts for its customer and help CapeClear in its drive to achieve an objective in penetrating the Mid-to-Large Enterprise market where Web Services plug-ins need to be truely OPEN & XML based instead of proprietory patches to EDI & B2B existing legacy infrastructure. The cost advantage of using CapeClear tools by our Winvision Developers and experts clearly sees a cost reduction from 30%to 50% in a typical in an ongoing support and TCO's. WinVision is fully committed to help EJB & CORBA framework with the CapeClear tools.

And these are the pileups:
New Cape Clear Partnerships
We're pleased to announce a number of new partnerships including ConnectUs Solutions, WinVision, New Toronto Group, Adjoin, Computer Associates, Neoris, and Chutney Technologies. WinVision Embeds Cape Clear ISV Edition (PDF)
Cape Clear 4 ISV Edition is a complete package that makes it easy for ISVs to add Web Services support to their software products. Cape Clear's technology is already benefiting partners such as Micro Focus,, Savvion, and WinVision
Microsoft has announced that they have sued BWT Industry Technology Service d/b/a Computer Max, Data Day USA, Winvtech Solutions a/k/a Winvision Computers and Winvision Technology,Global Computing, Ion Technologies, Compustar, and Chips & Techs, all for software piracy.
Consumers who unwittingly purchase counterfeit software are consequently cheated of the benefits that legitimate products afford, such as technical support and product updates. Moreover, illegal and illicit software may make it easier for consumers to unknowingly load dangerous, malicious code onto their systems.”
It does not use complex macros, scripts, profiles etc. Plus, there is no need for a wizard to make it simpler because WinVision is simple by nature! This is not an access language tool kit that requires in-depth programing knowlege to make work!
Right out of the Box For years, WinVision has proven to be a reliable workhorse for fast, extensive and stable speech access to both Windows 3 and Windows 95. Since the first WinVision release for Windows 3 in 1993, many powerful new features and functions have been added as part of regular updates to the software. When WinVision 95 (the first US screen access program for Windows 95) was introduced at the beginning of 1996, all of this power and flexibility became available in the Windows 95 environment ... and the improvements and enhancements continue at an amazing pace. Since its introduction in January, 1996 through January, 1997 WinVision 95 has had 6 upgrades ... at no cost to the end user! The newest release (March, 1997) is called "WinVision 97" not because of its release date, but because of the extensive support that has been added for Microsoft's new Office 97 suite. WinVision 97 provides: Complete support for Microsoft's Active Accessibility protocol Extensive Office 97 support Enhanced Internet Explorer support Automatic Column Reading Key re-mapping so you can define your access commands any way you like! Context sensitive HELP facility WinVision's simple non-invasive installation, automatic natural operation and freehand mouse reviewing have quickly brought Artic users into the Window world.
WinVision 4.2 crashes when starting, minimizing, or maximizing Internet Explorer windows while the "Welcome - Microsoft Internet Explorer" window is running in the background.
October 25, 2002 seminar by WinVision and partner CapeClear included a high level presentation by CapeClear, followed by technical presentation by WinVision and ended with a demo on use of CapeClear tools to develop, deploy and manage Web Services. It provoked a lively discussion on the future viability of the large EAI vendors and how their products will be affected by Web Services.
WinVision and CapeClear demonstrated through Web Services, how organizations can integrate their business systems at a lower cost and with significantly reduced engineering effort.
He called upon value added consulting partners like WinVision, to enable customers utilize CapeClear’s tools for application Integration driving their cost to minimum, yet shooting for higher Return On Investment(ROI).
CHAPTER 2: How WinVision and Windows Interact?
WinVision is a program designed for blind and visually impaired users to provide access to the Windows 3.1 environment with speech and braille. You can hear information as it appears on the screen or run programs like you could using screen access with DOS (Business Vision).
Why do I need to know about them? These terms are part of the Windows vocabulary. Knowing these terms, their definitions and how they relate to the graphical interface will help you learn about Windows. With examples, we will explain how WinVision and Windows work together to use application programs in the Windows environment. We will show you how WinVision supports existing Windows keyboard commands while offering a rich set of options designed to make Windows friendly and accessible.
The Graphical User Interface presents some real challenges to blind and visually impaired users. The following chapters and appendices of this manual address obstacles you may encounter in Windows. As you become more familiar with WinVision, we are confident that you will see how powerful WinVision is.
WinVision finds "where" it is for you, and takes you there. Since it is not the top of your desk, but just a flat screen, WinVision will tell you where things are. You learn what is on the Windows "desk" the same way that you learn what is on the top of your own desk. WinVision will, then, help you pick the things you want to do.
WinVision performed well during testing. We had fewer off-screen model problems with Winvision running than with most other screen readers tested. More thorough documentation, an alternative command structure, and more program configuration files would better complement WinVision's power and stability. Window Bridge is best suited for advanced users. It has a number of efficiency-oriented features, but it is unlikely that beginning users will be successful without training.

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