Sunday, December 02, 2007

Google images Indexing Policy

On July 10, 2006 Rani asked on
"I am seeing no trace of the pictures that I post on my Blog on google images.
I would like google images to index my blog pictures.
Is this possible?
And if so, then how?"

I just found out that uploading your images to Picasa helps -
as well as uploading your images to Flickr helps indexing in Yahoo-
This is a very good example to the way things work: each search engine nurtures its subsidiary companies.
On Picasa web Albums front page you’ll see that I’m right:
“New Features!
Integration with Google image search results
Get more exposure for the public albums you're currently sharing on Picasa Community Search. Now, public albums from users with 'Public Search' enabled may also be included in Google image search results”.
Four of my stamps arrived to the promised SERP in 2 days!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sending Query Addresses

Here's a nice shortcut I stumbled upon:
I blink web pages that mention my blog. Now, if I want to show the list of all these web-pages all I have to do is to send the address of the SERP ( Search Engine Results Page). In this instance:
The same goes for every query in Google E.g. about QTSaver:
All this is new to me...So I guess it will help some of you...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Big Scale Experiment

I've just published my first Summary of my Blog Postings about a certain subject:
the Origin of the Star of David

In my blog I collected last year more than 1000 Postings on every aspect of the Star of David I could lay hands on. The postings are ordered by the time I posted them which adds a small if any value to their grouping. But it is a goldmine since each posting is a micro content that can be a member in a group of postings that answers a certain question.

I used about 60 postings for this document.

correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that this summary is the most extensive answer to the question about the Origin of the Star of David.
Imagine that a search engine will be able in the future to give you such detailed answers for EVERY question you have - wouldn't it be something!

In the near future I hope to find time to answer in a similar manner the following questions:
The Meaning of the Star of David
The Shape of the Star of David
Yellow Badge Artists

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Practical Backup Tip

I want to share with you something that you may be doing already , but I started only this week:
Every document that I work on I send to myself
This way in case my P.C. crashes (which happened before I started using this tip) I won't loose precious hours of work.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Copyrights On Illustrations Based On Photos

I asked on Yahoo Answers
If I illustrate a photo - do I have to ask permission from the copyrights' owner? (In case it is hard to get permission from copyrights' owner but you need to publish the content of the photo. By "illustrate" I mean making a new creation based on a copyrighted photo.

Member since: 05 September 2006 Total points: 25,960 (Level 7)
Yes, and especially if used for commercial purposes. It is like sampling a record.

Member since: 11 May 2007 Total points: 290 (Level 2)
The law is on the side of the copyright owner, so if you publish your revision of the copyright owner's work without prior consent you can be sued for copyright infringement. You need to ask yourself how badly you need to use that photo. The photographer may simply wish to be acknowledged and given a photo credit, or he may ask for a fee. If he asks for a fee you then have to decide if it's worth the money. If you decide not to pay, but use the photo anyway, then you are at risk of being sued.

Charlie P
I think your respondents missed the question. Making an illustration from someone's photo is not copying. It is your interpretation of another's creation. Regardless of the source of your inspiration, your creation is yours and not a copy. So copyright law does not apply. Were I to take a camera and recreate the exact same photo that would probably be considered an illegal copy. Were I to copy an illustration so that it is not substantially different from the original that would, most likely, be interpreted as a violation of copyright. In front of the Public Library in Columbus, Indiana is a massive, wonderful Henry Moore sculpture. I can photograph that sculpture, or parts of it, as much as I want and publish the photos in any way I desire. I have done so. I can pose a model against the sculpture and publish those photos without infringing on any rights of the estate of Henry Moore. And I have done so. I can draw the sculpture in pencil or make an oil painting of it with it as the only content. It's a huge sculpture, 10-15 feet tall. I could make a 1-foot tall copy of it in a different medium (like stoneware) and title it "Homage to Henry Moore." So why can't I go into the Museum of Modern Art and do the same thing? The Columbus Henry Moore is in a public space; MOMA can control who has access to their sculptures and who can photograph them and who can publish (i.e., sell) the photos. MOMA won't stop you from sketching their sculptures. Sampling a song is making an exact copy. For that you need permission and will probablly have to pay royalties. Not, however, if I use that sample in a piece of performance art done for free. I can use a Jimi Hendrix guitar riff in the middle of my own guitar composition without infringing on copyright. As long as I don't copy the entire Hendrix creation I have used his creativity within my own creation. No copyright problem. You can't take someone's creation and claim it as your own. That's called plagerism. You can, however, use anyone's work or ideas as food for your own creativity. You can always interpret another's creation through your own eyes. Think of Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans or Wierd Al Yankovic's song parodies. Ask any good lawyer (if there is such a thing) and they should be able to cite tons of case law to support both parodies and interpretations. Artists copy from other artists. It has always been so and will continue to be so.

If Charlie P is right competent painters can make a fortune enabling publishers to publish content that is
1. Copyrighted
2. Hard to get permission (owner of copyrights is hard to find; not accessible; it is not clear who is the owner of the copyrights; you need to publish in a hurry, etc.

Still I'd like to know more about this interesting issue and readers are invited to comment.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

QTSaver is back on line

From February 23, 2007 until yesterday QTSaver,the microcontent engine, was off line but it's back now, still waiting for an investor who will make our dream about the microcontent WWW come true.

Monday, May 07, 2007

How to Extract Addresses From a List

Sometimes you get an endless list that is composed of addresses, phone numbers, Fax numbers, email addresses. You want to extract only the web addresses from the list that looks like this:

The Marilyn and Marvin Simon JCC
5000 Corporate Woods Dr
Ste 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Fax 757-489-4427
Established 1952
- 37 -
Jewish Community Center
Weinstein JCC
5403 Monument Ave
Richmond, VA 23226
Fax 804-285-3139
Established 1952

All you have to do is to
1. Copy the whole list to Microsoft Word
2. Select all
3. Go to Tables- Sort [a-z] – click it
4. The list will be sorted from A to Z and your addresses will be in one group under the letter W
Like this
- 37 -
5000 Corporate Woods Dr
5403 Monument Ave
Established 1952
Established 1952
Fax 757-489-4427
Fax 804-285-3139
Jewish Community Center
Richmond, VA 23226
Ste 100
The Marilyn and Marvin Simon JCC
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Weinstein JCC

5. Erase superfluous lines

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Using Define on Google as Content for Your Web Site

It doesn’t matter what is your subject matter - there is always a need to define it. Google Search Engine has a wonderful feature that enables you to get many definitions on one page- all you have to do is enter as search words:
define: (your subject).
For example: My web site is about Stars of David. The Star of David is a Symbol – but what is a Symbol? I entered the keywords
define: Symbol into Goggle’s search-window and got many interesting answers
Then I edited them carefully to fit them to my concept and voila – I posted it.

It took me about a quarter of an hour, and it tightened the connection between my main search words (Star of David) and the search word symbol. Next time somebody looks for the phrase
Star of David symbol
He might stumble upon my web site…

BTW, as for today, my web site pops up in the 19th place of about 1,360,000 results for Star of David symbol.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Copyrights and Free Resources For Building A Web Site

In order to build a successful web site you need to get a lot of relevant texts and a lot of relevant photos. You need huge amounts of texts to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages but without photos texts tend to get boring. A successful web site aims at prolonging visitor’s stay, using seducing tactics like the colors the flowers use to prolong the staying of the bees…
One can write his own texts and publish his own photos, but it will take him much longer than being helped also by others’ texts and photos. Others’ texts and photos are copyrighted. So the question is where on the WWW are free resources for building successful web sites?
1. Fair Use: text is free up to about 300 words as long as you reference the quoted source.
2. Wikipedia is an excellent resource without any limits on the length of the quote.
3. Books and newspapers, which don’t have valid copyrights anymore. E.g. Gutenberg project’s thousands of on line books.
4. Creative-Commons photos. E.g. Flickr, Jewish Encyclopedia.
5. Getting permission to publish texts and photos from copyrights holders.

Readers are encouraged to add free resources on the comments section of this web page.

Friday, February 23, 2007

QTSaver no longer online

QTSaver,the microcontent engine, is no longer on line. We tried our best to promote it but couldn't find an investor who will make our dream about the microcontent WWW come true.

Anyhow, people who want to get an impression about what QTSaver DID can still read this blog which is full with demonstrations.

The vision is still valid - search engine users still get more results than they can chew, and more paragraphs in each result than they need.

I'm convinced that when the QTSaver File will reopen QTSaver will come back online...

FIRST on Google

Today for the FIRST time my blog about Stars of David comes FIRST on Google out of
3630000 results for search words
star of david and its meaning

Sunday, February 11, 2007

How to Sort Your Blog Posting addresses by Category

If you have a large blog and you want to know what's in it:
1. Enter the address of your blog to Google's Advanced Search "return results from the site or domain".
2. Ask to get 100 results instead of the 10 results default.
3. You get snippets for all your postings with the address of each posting.
4. Copy the results to Microsoft Word.
5. Change the font of the Address to bold, for example.
6. In the find and replace window enter the definitions for the regular font and don't fill the "replace with" window - this will erase all the text which is not bold.
7. Copy the addresses to a Microsoft Access Table.
8. Make a Table of categories.
9. Link the Table of addresses with the Table of categories so that you can fill in the category of each posting.
10. Make a query that will have the category field twice, so that the second field will be summed by COUNT.

Monday, January 01, 2007

How To Make a Table of Contents for Your Blog

In order to make a table of contents for your blog there’s the old way and there’s the new way:

The old way is to open each posting and copy its domain address to a new document. It’s a lot of boring work. The new way is to enter a clever query into and calibrate the number of results to 100. The best part is that you can make a separate Table of Contents for each subject. E.g. here is what I’ve got, for search words “Star of David” Asher Eder after editing the recurring snippets, Sorting by date, and repeating the search with the omitted results included:

Second Zionist Congress Delegate Card

22 Dec 2006

The following paragraph is from Dr. Asher Eder’s book The Star of David, which

was published in 1987 in English in Jerusalem by Rubin Mass Ltd. The publication

here is courtesy of Oren Mass This version includes corrections and new ...

Star of David -

David Ganz

18 Dec 2006

Philosophical Implications

17 Dec 2006

The Dimensions

16 Dec 2006

Perspective of Time

15 Dec 2006

Four Different Times

13 Dec 2006

Our Feelings Of Time

12 Dec 2006

Relativity of time

11 Dec 2006

The Meaning of the Hexagram For the Native American People

10 Dec 2006

Measure of Time

10 Dec 2006


9 Dec 2006

The Static and the Dynamic Concept

8 Dec 2006

The Space Time Relation

7 Dec 2006

Numerical Observations

7 Dec 2006

Ashkelon Mosque

6 Dec 2006


3 Dec 2006

Pyramid and Hexagram

1 Dec 2006

Pomegranates In The Temple Service

30 Nov 2006

The Sign of Man

29 Nov 2006

Harmony of the Triangles

28 Nov 2006

The Joining of the Triangles

27 Nov 2006

Service and Labor

26 Nov 2006

Religion And The Sciences

23 Nov 2006

Symbol For Natural Man

23 Nov 2006

Cairo Genizah

22 Nov 2006

The Pentagram In History And Today

21 Nov 2006

Songs Of Peace And Joy

21 Nov 2006

The United Nations

20 Nov 2006

the Seven Laws of the Sons of Noah

20 Nov 2006

Jerusalem: Mother Of All

19 Nov 2006

Jerusalem at the Center of the World

19 Nov 2006

The Founders Of The Nation

18 Nov 2006

Magen David, The Shield Of David

18 Nov 2006

Jerusalem / Zion

18 Nov 2006

Israel and the Nations

17 Nov 2006

here is courtesy of Oren Mass This version includes corrections and new ...

The Formation Of Israel

16 Nov 2006

The Sign Aleph

15 Nov 2006

The Sign Daleth

14 Nov 2006

The Sign Gimel

14 Nov 2006

The Sign Beth

14 Nov 2006


12 Nov 2006


12 Nov 2006


12 Nov 2006

Language And Revelation

11 Nov 2006

Old-New Synagogue Window, Prague

11 Nov 2006

Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor

11 Nov 2006

The Founders Of The Nation

Magen David, The Shield Of David

Jerusalem / Zion

Miniature Jerusalem 9, originally uploaded by mharrsch. Photo is courtesy of

mharrsch who Photographed it at "The Holy Land Experience", Orlando, Florida and

published it on Flickr. The story of this most historic city begins in the ...


12 Nov 2006

if we take the six outer triangles of

our star of david to symbolize the six days of the week, it's middle field ...

thou shalt love thy neighbor

11 Nov 2006

this could well be

depicted by our symbol, the star of david, with its two equilateral triangles. ...

good and pleasant it is for brethern to dwell

9 Nov 2006

i already published on this blog a star of david with a cross, a star of david

with a swastika, and a star of david with a crescent, so in order to make this

meeting of religious symbols more complete here's a star of david with om. ...

the divine soul

8 Nov 2006

the term 'breath of life' is not an adequate ...

fate will and destiny

5 Nov 2006

fate and destiny are by no means identical. ...

mutilated star of david

4 Nov 2006

mutilated star of david originally uploaded by dvmagen. the following paragraph

is from dr. asher eder’s book the star of david, ... nor can peace be achieved

by mutilating its symbol, the star of david, as a fanatical muslim did while ...

crescent and pentagram

3 Nov 2006

such a situation could then be expressed

symbolically by the star of david, with its two triangles representing the ...


2 Nov 2006

should this ego- or i-awareness then be a ...

symbol of man

2 Nov 2006

since this passage is of the profoundest meaning and importance for our understanding

of human existence and its dual nature - as expressed by the star of david - we

shall look at some of its aspects: 1) the passage brings out clearly ...

in our image, after our likeness

2 Nov 2006

the principle of polarity works also within ...

kabbalists' star of david

1 Nov 2006

in the middle ages, the star also played quite some role in the kabbalists'

understanding and description of the world , while the very term,magen david,

rendered "shield of david" or "star of david") for describing the hexagram was ...

shem ham and yafet

1 Nov 2006

. the number three plays an important role in ...

symbol of the six days of creation

31 Oct 2006

capernaum -convoluted star pf david

31 Oct 2006

this photo was taken by dr. asher eder about 40 years ago. he found out that it

resembles another star of david he saw in the ruins of an herodian building in

beth-el, north of ramallah. i heard from my teacher, dr. ze'ev goldmann, ...

beith el - defaced star of david

31 Oct 2006

beith el - defaced star of david, originally uploaded by zeevveez. this photo was

taken by dr. asher eder about 40 years ago in the ruins of an herodian building

in beth-el, north of ramallah. there, it had a curvilinear shape. when dr. ...

the circle and the star of david

30 Oct 2006

this is not an arbitrary exercise. it is ...

creator -creation

30 Oct 2006

let us consider the six-pointed star as ...

the kabbalistic "tree of life"

30 Oct 2006

the harmonious balance of a relationship as indicated by the star of david

is possible only if the two partners are balanced in themselves. contrary to

widespread view, harmony is not achieved by merely coming together and joining. ...

the great american seal

29 Oct 2006

the publication

here is courtesy of oren mass. in the culture of india, where it must have ...

shame and honor

27 Oct 2006

thus, since 1948, judaism, israel and the star of david have been linked.

moreover, the star is not only the flag ... i translated this paragraph from dr.

asher eder’s book the star of david. rubin mass ltd. published it in 1987 in ...

the star of jerusalem

26 Oct 2006

"the oldest undisputed example [of a hexagram] is on a seal ...

dr. asher eder’s book: the star of david

26 Oct 2006

and to publish the

illustrations on flickr. dr. asher eder told me why he wrote this book: ...

anousim, marranos, crypto jews

22 Oct 2006

... nominally catholic families of iberian descent had stealthily maintained jewish

customs throughout the centuries, including lighting candles on friday evening,

avoiding pork and having the star of david inscribed on gravestones". ...

hexagram room snow flakes

18 Oct 2006

what is the origin of the star of david? - well, from the dawn of history people

saw this shape in snow slakes such as the ones shown in this photo, which is

courtesy of moonbird who published it on flickr and made it creative commons ... Note:

I started this list when I was in the middle of the project and added another retrieval while I finished translating Asher Eder’s book into Hebrew.