Monday, January 07, 2008

Everybody Can Write A Book

Three years ago, when I developed QTSaver as a micro content search engine, I already saw the possibility to write whole books by combining micro contents and thus showing them as macro contents also known as chapters, or papers.

I started a big scale pilot :

I gathered 1500 blog-posting-micro-contents, sorted them by categories like: meaning, history, usages, stamps - and then copied and pasted them into the right category. All I had to do was to edit the material, mostly to erase duplicates and voila… I got the printed books.


What I want to emphasize is that everybody can write a book- it’s that simple!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Do you use WhiteSmoke software for proofreading?
I bought it two weeks ago, and it saved me at least 60 times since then.
I just finished writing my book: Star of David Album, which has about 15 text pages and the rest are photos. After proofreading it with WhiteSmoke, I sent it to a few friends and each one of them wrote me back that he found no typos. I accepted their opinion as a complement for someone that dares writing in English, which is not his mother tongue.

QTSaver Search results for WhiteSmoke

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  1. WhiteSmoke Text Enrichment
    • WhiteSmoke can improve your whole experience of written communication – at home, at the workplace and on the Internet. Based on patented Natural Language Processing technology, WhiteSmoke performs advanced and context-based English grammar, spelling and punctuation checking, as well as text enrichment with synonyms, adverbs and adjectives.
    • "WhiteSmoke is unequaled in its field."
    • With WhiteSmoke, you can perform all English editing and proofreading tasks within a single intuitive interface:
  2. The inclusive English grammar,text enrichment,thesaurus ...
    • Donna Wegscheid, USA "My 1st book is finished and will be published soon thanks to the WhiteSmoke program.I needed help to edit and spell words correctly. I really think you all did a great job with this program – thanks!"
  3. WhiteSmoke Revolutionizes English Writing, Editing and Grammar Software
    • WhiteSmoke Revolutionizes English Writing, Editing and Grammar Software
    • (PRWEB) March 13, 2007 -- WhiteSmoke, the best on-line writing software to help businesses to improve their English, announces two new additions to its suite of writing solutions. Top Expert, an online forum that provides quick answers about English from experts in writing. And WhiteSmoke’s new translation dictionaries cover seventeen different languages.
    • Increasingly, translation has become important in this writing. WhiteSmoke offers a unique and truly comprehensive software solution.
    • WhiteSmokes software allows users to achieve perfect English grammar in their writing with English grammar check, English grammar corrector, and English grammar lessons. Users instantly enrich their writing with relevant adjectives, adverbs, and phrases using unique, patented Natural Language Processing technology that allow WhiteSmoke to make context-based suggestions for synonyms and style-enrichment. Its dictionaries provide extensive entries about usage, history, and the subtleties of meaning that other software dictionaries leave out. Its proofreading functions correct grammar and spelling. No matter what software the user has been writing with but go well beyond that by offering text enrichment, style suggestions, and templates for different writing contexts.
  4. Nick's Writing Blog: Review: WhiteSmoke Writing Software
    • Recently the good folk at WhiteSmoke sent me a copy of their writing software to evaluate. So here's my review of this popular tool for writers... For those who don't know, WhiteSmoke is a program that aims to help its users produce better-written documents. It does this by analyzing the spelling, punctuation and grammar in any document, and then suggesting corrections and possible improvements. WhiteSmoke is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows2000, and Windows XP. It will work in almost any text-based application, including word processors, email programs, web-based forms, and so on. Once WhiteSmoke is installed on your PC, you use it as follows. First, you create your text in your chosen application (e.g.
    • Select the text you want to analyze by highlighting it in the normal way, then press the WhiteSmoke shortcut key. This is set by default to F2, though you can change it if you like. In Word a separate "Enrichment" button is created on the toolbar, and you can click on this as an alternative to pressing the shortcut key.
    • WhiteSmoke will then open in a new window, with your selected text in a box in the middle. Spelling mistakes are highlighted in red and grammar mistakes in green. When you move the cursor over any item, suggested corrections (a range of them) appear in a box at the foot of the screen.
    • Perhaps the most interesting feature for writers, however, is the enrichment function. The WhiteSmoke software analyzes your writing and looks for ways it could be improved, e.g. by using an alternate word or phrase (thesaurus function), or by adding extra words.
  5. WhiteSmoke Provides Your Own Personal Editor and Proofreader
    • Professionals and managers who get high anxiety over writing reports, presentations and important email letters, as well as "Web-writers" who spare the time to check their posts, can get help from WhiteSmoke 2008.
    • What's more, WhiteSmoke ( users have online access to "Top Experts" who answer English language questions and edit user documents. These experts answer questions on how to use commas, apostrophes, and possessive pronouns such as "yours". WhiteSmoke experts also offer advice on making writing less choppy by using transitional words such as, "nevertheless".
    • WhiteSmoke also includes templates for business and legal situations ranging from apologizing for a late shipment, to welcoming a new employee.
    • English as a second language learners increase business-writing skill and confidence with WhiteSmoke.
    • Bruce Birt, CEO of Know Your Coast LLC, an Oregon real estate firm, bought WhiteSmoke to help write copy for the company website in-house, "I realized that my basic writing skills could use a higher power. Since I am not able to hire a professional writer, I am going at it alone.... The WhiteSmoke Product has been very useful in allowing me to catch mistakes in grammar or spelling immediately."
  6. WhiteSmoke Review 2008
    • WhiteSmoke has a huge database of suggestions that consists of 6,007,005 enrichment corrections, 7,484,611 grammar corrections and 3,684,281 spelling corrections. When you submit your writing samples into the program it can check for spelling and grammar errors, punctuation, passive verbs, overused words and wordy phrases.
    • WhiteSmoke can be contacted by telephone, email or chat; however, we could not get their live chat to work. WhiteSmoke responded to our first email within 24 hours, but instead of answering our email they provided general sales information. We sent a second email with a list of questions and they responded within an hour with useful and relevant information.
    • ClearEdits, Editor, Grammar Expert Plus, Grammar Station, Study Skills, WhiteSmoke, Wizards 4 Students, WordDog, WordQ, Writer's Workbench, have all been reviewed with the latest versions of Writing Enhancement Software.
  7. collision detection: Smoke 'em out
    • By successfully "understanding" context, WHITESMOKE ENRICHMENT can optimize any sentence or text without changing its meaning. For example, the sentence "I am happy with your work" may be upgraded to "I am completely thrilled with your outstanding achievement," or any other agreeable combination. The program also offers a unique "Suggested Phrase" feature.
    • White Smoke changed the path to my MSWord program. After spending $179.00 in a pro Repairman and confirmation froma whitesmoke support person we were told he had seen the problem before and would have an answer for us in the morning. None came and then all denied knowing anything about it.
    • Whitesmoke is garbage, don't buy it.This software will make your writing worse and there is no chance of a refund when you find out how bad it is. Don't buy, install it, or recommend it.
  8. Whitesmoke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • WhiteSmoke is an English grammar writing software that is designed to improve and enrich typed grammar and sentences, by replacing particular words and phrases with more sophisticated and complex vocabulary in the touch of a button. It was rated Number 5 in CNN's Top 31 Business Ideas In the World.
    • There are six versions that WhiteSmoke is available in including Business, Executive, Legal, Medical and Creative Writing versions, with each tailored to enrich text with vocabulary and grammar relevant and context-related to the particular writing style.
    • Critics of WhiteSmoke praise the software for it's "simplicity" and "compatibility", as Writing Enhancement Software Review wrote "This product is easy to use and works with numerous applications."
    • Like the majority of software on the market, WhiteSmoke has attracted some criticism particularly in the fact that it offers "invalid" and "out-of-context" suggestions to the text. In a quote from Writing Enchancment Software Review they commented "we found some of the feedback incorrect or irrelevant.