Sunday, February 11, 2007

How to Sort Your Blog Posting addresses by Category

If you have a large blog and you want to know what's in it:
1. Enter the address of your blog to Google's Advanced Search "return results from the site or domain".
2. Ask to get 100 results instead of the 10 results default.
3. You get snippets for all your postings with the address of each posting.
4. Copy the results to Microsoft Word.
5. Change the font of the Address to bold, for example.
6. In the find and replace window enter the definitions for the regular font and don't fill the "replace with" window - this will erase all the text which is not bold.
7. Copy the addresses to a Microsoft Access Table.
8. Make a Table of categories.
9. Link the Table of addresses with the Table of categories so that you can fill in the category of each posting.
10. Make a query that will have the category field twice, so that the second field will be summed by COUNT.

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