Friday, February 23, 2007

QTSaver no longer online

QTSaver,the microcontent engine, is no longer on line. We tried our best to promote it but couldn't find an investor who will make our dream about the microcontent WWW come true.

Anyhow, people who want to get an impression about what QTSaver DID can still read this blog which is full with demonstrations.

The vision is still valid - search engine users still get more results than they can chew, and more paragraphs in each result than they need.

I'm convinced that when the QTSaver File will reopen QTSaver will come back online...


Anonymous said...

Could you send me some more info about QTsaver? thx a lot!
m s n: joylee_39 at

zeevveez said...


Thanks for your interest in QTSaver.

On my blog you'll find enough info about QTSaver but if you need more please tell me who you are and why do you need this info?

Best Regards


Ofir said...

ממש חבל, היה כלי שימושי.
האמת שבניתי עליו כרגע, והגעתי לבלוג הזה דרך גוגל, שחיפשתי qtsaver אחרי שהאתר לא עלה.

ידוע למישהו על איזשהו תחליף? אני ממש צריך את זה עכשיו.