Thursday, May 03, 2007

Using Define on Google as Content for Your Web Site

It doesn’t matter what is your subject matter - there is always a need to define it. Google Search Engine has a wonderful feature that enables you to get many definitions on one page- all you have to do is enter as search words:
define: (your subject).
For example: My web site is about Stars of David. The Star of David is a Symbol – but what is a Symbol? I entered the keywords
define: Symbol into Goggle’s search-window and got many interesting answers
Then I edited them carefully to fit them to my concept and voila – I posted it.

It took me about a quarter of an hour, and it tightened the connection between my main search words (Star of David) and the search word symbol. Next time somebody looks for the phrase
Star of David symbol
He might stumble upon my web site…

BTW, as for today, my web site pops up in the 19th place of about 1,360,000 results for Star of David symbol.

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