Sunday, December 02, 2007

Google images Indexing Policy

On July 10, 2006 Rani asked on
"I am seeing no trace of the pictures that I post on my Blog on google images.
I would like google images to index my blog pictures.
Is this possible?
And if so, then how?"

I just found out that uploading your images to Picasa helps -
as well as uploading your images to Flickr helps indexing in Yahoo-
This is a very good example to the way things work: each search engine nurtures its subsidiary companies.
On Picasa web Albums front page you’ll see that I’m right:
“New Features!
Integration with Google image search results
Get more exposure for the public albums you're currently sharing on Picasa Community Search. Now, public albums from users with 'Public Search' enabled may also be included in Google image search results”.
Four of my stamps arrived to the promised SERP in 2 days!

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