Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How to Reach the Top in MSN SERP

My subject matter is Stars of David. On the left side of this article you'll see a link to My MICRO CONTENT PROJECT and that's the place where I deal with it. There is a tough competition in this field – in Google there are 197,000,000 results for the query Star of David. Anyhow this morning my blog reached the first place on MSN SERP out of 10,467,906 results containing the words Star of David.

I want to tell you how I did it because I have a certain vision behind it:
1. Four months ago I opened a blog on Blogger. Blogs get priority on certain search engines and IMHO it's better to start a blog than to start a web site.
2. I entered my target keywords into my domain name – I heard that this may help promoting your site. [http://star-of-david.blogspot.com/]
3. Each Day I posted about three times– regular updating wins points for you on certain search engines.
4. I found all the content I needed on the WWW and edited it so that each posting was interesting, concise, and short. I added many photos (Creative-Commons and photos I shot) to prevent problems with copyrights. These two steps ensured that the reader will feel that he is treated respectfully and doesn't waste his time.

It took me four months, seven hours a day, and about 300 postings to reach the first placement on MSN SERP, but now I believe I (and each one of you) can repeat this achievement with any other subject matter. You can calculate the expenses easily. If you hire a student for four months, seven hours a day, his salary is what it costs to be first in your field in MSN. When I'll reach the first place in Google or Yahoo I'll try to calculate how much this will cost…

Any how the point is that finding content on the WWW is an obstacle. Snippets were misleading and I spent most of my time on opening irrelevant links and closing them. I believe QTSaver can save 75% of this lost time because it helps choose the right articles. It also helps a lot by suggesting words for further research. This means that the cost for placing whatever you want on the first link of MSN SERP will cost you only one month salary and to me it sounds like an excellent bargain.

The result is that people who are interested in Stars of David get answers on a totally different level of relevance than they are used to. Imagine what will happen when millions of sites will become collections of micro contents on a special subject. It will change the WWW from Chaos to a friendly neighborhood. That's my vision. This is what I'm working on. Search Engine Optimizers that will understand the economic benefits of this vision will make it happen. Not because they believe in a better visual reality, but because this is the shortest and cheapest way to get to the top.

Right now QTSaver is not ready for this kind of operation since it retrieves only from the first dozens of results, but it is quite simple to change the algorithm so that QTSaver will work on all the SERP. Now I need an investor to make this happen. -Any volunteers?

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Lucian said...

"Look, ma', I'm on the top of the world". Also, exploitin' pure, innocent, little students :) ... I must say, I'm deeply hurt ... ;)

P.S.: You never told me You're a Virgo too. (On which date exactly is Your birth-day, -if I'm not too indescrete- ?). Mine's on the 19th of September.