Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Advanced Search is not enough

I'm so frustrated from the current solution that all search engines suggest us for serious heavy duty research that I published a question on Yahoo answers: (

How to search when there are too many results?
In the details part of the form I added that
I want to know every thing about the Star of David. On Yahoo there are 71,800,000 results for search words star of david. On Google 172,000,000 results. Adding quote marks reduces the last number to 1,740,000.
How am I supposed to cross this river of information?
Not to mention 16,900,000 results for shield of
david and 51,300 for "shield of david"?
Any suggestions?

In a few hours I got 4 answers telling me what I already knew- to use advanced search. But advanced search is not enough. It brings me to a list of ten links with snippets and when I enter the sites that the links lead to I don't find what I needed.

There are two major problems to solve here:
1. Snippets are bad! (See: they are fragmented and mislead users.
2. Macro contents are bad! They give users much more than asked and force them to spend too much time to find a paragraph in a whole article instead of giving them only the paragraph.

All these idea were discussed thoroughly in this blog. QTSaver gives a partial solution for this problem – it runs only on the first dozens of results. The new idea is to enable QTSaver to run on all the results retrieved for a specific question, ten at a time. I reckon this will solve the above problem.

I only need an investor to make it happen…

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