Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hal Screen Reader

This is another experiment in pileup query.

As before, I used the advanced search in order to take advantage of the 11 suggested words that it had on its results page instead of the three suggested words that are offered to the user on the simple search. Then I returned to the simple search to execute the new queries because it was easier to copy its results page.

Suggested words were:
windows; braille; users; professional; access; speech; computer; applications; reading; software; system ;

I slightly edited the results and erased duplicates.

Conclusions: most suggested words led to duplicates or to insignificant additional info.

This is the first results page.
Hal Screen Reader provides the very best intelligent screen access for visually impaired computer users through speech and Braille. User friendly Right from the word go, Hal will talk you through its automatic and user friendly installation. Hal's sophisticated technology makes all kinds of Windows applications, the Internet and email, easy to use. Hal works by recognizing and reading information from the computer screen aloud through your computer's soundcard. Screen information is also displayed in Braille for users of the many supported Braille devices. The information provided is comprehensive: Hal not only reads text but also recognizes Windows dialogs, icons, buttons, menus and controls. Hal comes complete with online and context sensitive help and full manual both in print and on audio CD.
It also ensures that your computer and software will remain compatible with that of friends and colleagues, thus keeping your lines of communication wide open. Network independence Hal Screen Reader is designed with independent operation in mind. Installed on a network or a server, Hal can be used from any terminal and can be switched on or off as required, giving the user the freedom to move around a building or campus.
This means businesses do not have to pay out vast sums for scripting consultants or computer programmers to write new accessible software. The technology behind Hal Professional may be complex - but as a result, its operation is easy. Your System Hal Screen Reader works with Microsoft Windows 98, Me, NT v4.0, 2000, XP Home and XP Professional, Windows Server 2000,Windows Server 2003, Citrix MetaFrame XP (FR3) and can be installed on wide and local area networks, laptops and home PCs.
Hal Screen Reader provides the very best intelligent screen access for visually impaired computer users through speech and Braille. Easy to use With a few simple key presses your computer can tell you exactly what you need to know!
See below for further details. DOS Prompt Support Hal only supports key echo at the DOS prompt. However, you can use your existing DOS screen reader, such as ASAP, instead, by creating a Windows 95/98 shortcut that automatically loads your DOS screen reader every time you run a DOS prompt.
SAM compatible speech synthesizers and Braille displays are plug_and_play. Unique design philosophy Hal is a "screen reader" in the truest sense of the word, as it is primarily designed to operate on the visible information on the screen. It does not care how the information got there.
Therefore if a Windows application developer uses "local superclassing" in their application then this technique for determining a control's type will fail. Screen reader manufacturers who rely solely on "class names" or "class atoms" need to put special code in their screen reader for each and every application that uses "local superclassing". Also, screen readers that use the "class name", "class atom" or "ID value" of a control in order to trigger a macro, may come unstuck when a new version of an application comes out that has different "ID values" for some of its controls. Unlike these other Windows screen readers, Hal recognizes objects in a similar way to your brain, by looking for distinct attributes, shapes, borders, highlights etc. This makes Hal independent of whether an application has "obeyed the rules" of Windows programming. So by looking at the final result that an application has generated on the screen, Hal works independently of how something was created.

And here are the pileups:
Window Eyes Professional $795 HAL for Windows HAL for Windows is a screen reading product that enables a visually impaired speech user to obtain output from standard applications. With its own unique interface to the Windows environment, HAL offers a practical and cost effective speech access screen reading solution. HAL Screen Reader Standard $795 HAL Screen Reader Professional $1,095 Dolphin Pen offers Dolphin Computer Access products Supernova, Hal, Lunar and Lunar Plus on USB.
Online and text-sensitive help is also available. Hal Professional edition contains powerful configuration tools for organizations and employers who wish to create access to inaccessible applications. Item: C-618 Hal Screen Reader for Windows Purchase: $795.00 Item: C-618p Hal Professional Screen Reader for Windows Purchase: $1,095.00 Supernova, Hal, Lunar and Lunar Plus are now available to order in two separate editions: the PC Edition or the new Dolphin Pen Edition
Dolphin Products Page - Supernova, Hal, Lunar, Cicero and Orpheus Search for: DOLPHIN SOFTWARE Dolphin's products comprise screen magnification and screen reading software. Magnification software allows people with low vision to see text and images more clearly by increasing the size of the screen display and controlling color and contrast settings. Those with more severe sight loss use a screen reader to listen to screen information through a standard computer soundcard or plug in one of the many supported Braille devices to put screen information at their fingertips.
Braille Hooks keep useful information at your fingertips Braille Window helps sighted teachers and trainers monitor pupil activity. Hal comes with a print manual, quick reference cards in print and Braille, audio manual and interactive tutorials on CD. Your System Hal Screen Reader works with Microsoft Windows 98, Me, NT v4.0, 2000 and XP and can be installed on wide and local area networks, laptops and home PCs.

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