Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fair Use

On top of this homepage there is a description which tells the visitor what is this Blog:

...QTSaver which extracts info from multiple sites into one document, which then
can be sorted so that in a very short time you can write an article without
using a word of your own.

Today I got an email that says that the sender has no objection whatsoever to the format I'm using for display at - but what concerns him is that this description would encourage others to violate copyrights by plagiarizing and redistributing material from his Website.

I accepted this comment and hurried to add the sender's suggestion to the above mentioned description of the Blog:
Nevertheless QTSaver is intended to be used only as a research aid and material
taken from other web sites is or may be subject to copyright and should not be
copied or redistributed without permission of the site owners.

This incident triggered me to check what can one legally copy from other Websites and I found the terms "fair dealing" or "fair use" as relevant to cover this issue. I found many many answers to this question which say the same thing over and over again. Here's one of these excerpts:
You may use short, direct quotations without the need to obtain written
permission from the copyright holder provided that you give proper credit to the
author and sources. We define 'fair use' as excerpts under 400 words (or a
series of excerpts totaling fewer than 800 words as long as no single excerpt is
longer than 300 words) from one work. If extensive, longer extracts are being
used, you must obtain permission if they amount to 10% or more of the original
work. If the whole work is being used, e.g. a poem, written permission is

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