Thursday, November 24, 2005

First Commercial Client

David Best wrote to me the following letter:

Is QTSaver available to purchase, license or open source?

This is exactly the type of program I have been looking for and I am hoping that there is some way we can work out an arrangement so that I can use your program on my site. My site covers over 35,000 trails and trail related activities in the USA.

I asked him for more details and he wrote: was just launched in May '05…An example of a page with content included in it from QTSaver is:
As you can see on the page I am including a lot of graphics and content on the trail and the surrounding area. I have included the MSN Virtual Earth API at the top to show the trail in relation to the state and surrounding areas.
Next is the area for content from QTSaver. What is so great about your product is that the sites found by your program are already providing this Micro-Content, yet no other program I have found displays this content.
Using QTSaver also gives credit to the site for providing the info. I could include the content from QTSaver as a cut and paste as the example shows or include live content from QTSaver either in a I-Frame or some type of Javascript. Any suggestions??
Next are driving directions provided by the Google Map API and a Topo map below the driving directions that is really the Google Map API with a unique layer displaying the Terraserver topo on top.
Next is the Local Area Retailers map, provided by the Yahoo Map API, showing area retailers, hospitals and shopping.
Last is the weather provided by

David Best sets an example for many site owners that need this kind of QTSaver content.
I only hope that he will have many followers.

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Zohar said...

Wow, that's great!
But what about copyrights?