Wednesday, November 30, 2005


My Neighbor is a civil servant in his working hours and an artist in the rest.

He's got an eminent good taste:
he has a beautiful car, a beautiful gate, a beautiful dog, a beautiful garden, a beautiful house. In his living room there is a beautiful drawing he made 20 years ago when he prepared himself to be an artist. I asked him to comment on Zohar Stolars' suggestion for a new QTSaver home page and here are his fantastic comments:

QTSaver is an excellent name but the design of the word QTSaver does not match the standard of its meaning- the QT doesn't look cute.
The Q looks too complicated and the T is ending with a slope that is to contrastive. the Q doesn't "speak" with the T, their relationships are not close enough - they have to emerge one from the other, maybe you have to make the Q in a white empty contour while the T will be full and red.

the search button is two dimensional and it doesn't look like a button.

the White background conveys an impression of a newspaper and an ambiance of a matter of fact . You'd better put here some pastel mustard or Azure colors and the background of the logo has to be different from the background of the rest. The logo is an independent entity.

The logo is too big and it has to move a little bit to the left. The words "Micro Content Engine" are too thin and their length does not match the length of the word QTSaver above them.
the word "saver" in the logo is designed very nicely and the design of the letter E is just bright.

You have to find an animal which will convey the idea of finding a needle in a haystack. I suggest you put a little aardvar on the left hand of the logo.

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