Saturday, November 05, 2005

Virgo Screen Reader

This is another experiment in pileup query.
This time I used the advanced search in order to take advantage of the 11 suggested words that it has on its results page instead of the three suggested words that are offered to the user on the simple search.

I deleted duplicates and edited slightly.

suggested words were: Braille; windows; display; speech; readers; output; access; user; support; system; computer;

Conclusions: in this case all results that came from the suggested words were duplicates, since the same few results appeared again and again.
VIRGO is a Computer Screen Reader that employs a sophisticated Off Screen Model of Windows. This allows the Blind computer user to navigate through Folders, Windows, Menus and Dialogue Boxes in a highly structured way, at every stage having "context" information summarized.
Virgo NT screen reader Product information Name Virgo NT Current Version 1.22 Operating system Windows NT 4.0 Language versions English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish Speech Synthesizers All SAPI compatible speech synthesizers. The installation kit includes IBM Via Voice.
With intensive research work we succeeded in co-operation with Microsoft taking this hurdle. Our programmers use their strong experience in accessibility aids to create Virgo NT - a powerful screen reader for Windows NT. The data procurement was revised and adapted particularly on Windows NT with its extended possibilities.
BAUM RETEC AG - Product: Screenreader Virgo4Test our powerful screen reader and you won't want to do without it any more! Three in Onewhen developing VIRGO 4, we set a high value on making the presentation and exploration of Windows as comfortable and individual as possible for the visually impaired user. VIRGO 4 makes the user choose the sort of information to be displayed on the Braille display and to be given via speech-output. Users with a rest of sight have the choice to work also with the integrated screen magnification "Galileo". The complete integration of Braille, speech and screen magnification brings the power of media together to the benefit of the user. Of course, VIRGO 4 can as well be used only with Braille-output or only with speech-output or just with screen magnification.
You can gain access to the world of the computer and its many applications with the help of Virgo 4, the screen reader of the company BAUM Retec AG, which has been developing screen readers for more than 10 years.
Moreover, Virgo 4 provides you with a very intuitive user interface and a fully developed, contextual online help enabling you to operate our screen reader and create a user profile matching your needs within a short while.
And, can you assume that its shortcomings with speech will affect your use of refreshable Braille in the same way? Not all screen readers offer support for refreshable Braille displays, and no two offer the same level of support. In North America, JAWS for Windows from Henter-Joyce, Window Bridge from SynthaVoice, outSPOKEN for Windows from Alva Access Group, WinVision from Arctic Technologies, and Hal from Dolphin Computer Access support refreshable Braille displays (although each was first developed as a screen reader for speech output). In Europe, where more government funding has been available for purchasing assistive technology and where many languages are spoken in a small geographical area, WinDOTS from Papenmeier and Virgo from Baum are examples of Braille-only support. Although Braille theoretically offers silent access to Windows and layout information not easily gathered using speech, we found that screen readers generally lacked complete implementation of their features.

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