Friday, November 25, 2005

The State of the Mobile Web

There are currently four ways to mobile surf the Web:

1. through cache databases (for race scores, weather, horoscopes, etc).

2. through mobile surf.

3. Through I-mode.

4. through our solution, QTSaver WAP.

Let's take a closer look at these four possibilities:

1. "Through cache databases" –it is not really "mobile surfing of the Web" because surfing is only on the cache, which is a pre-arranged process of structuring the raw web and caging it in rows and columns. (There are 1,510,000 sites in Google that answer the query "mobile weather horoscope". For example: Yahoo).

2. "Through mobile surf"- Few people use this option because of "The Sad State of the Mobile Web":
Sites don't fit mobiles; there are too long or too short answers for the queries; Images are too big, etc.

3. "Through I-Mode" - Works only on few thousand special sites and doesn't scratch the vast info that populates the Web. I-mode has "43 million customers in Japan, and over 3 million in the rest of the world".

4. "Our solution" - QTSaver WAP.
is the first real mobile surf of the Web!!!
It gets the vital Web micro contents text (not multimedia) that fit the mobile screen perfectly.
Our solution is in a development stage and works only in English. You are invited to test it on and we'll appreciate it if you'll take the time to send us a little comment.

To sum it all up I suggest the following table:

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