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My research about mobile gambling with a special focus on is developing – I started with searching for mobile gambling, continued with mobile betting, and now I discovered on a news search engine that there is another well knows synonym for Mobile Gambling – "M-gambling".

The phenomenon of Mobile Gambling is so new that a thesaurus like Surfwax doesn't have it on its index, although it retrieves 19,246 pages to a query for "Mobile Gambling".

So here's what QTSaver fished about M-Gambling:
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11:45 Panel: Establishing the m-gambling value chain and choosing the most effective business models
Who should take responsibility for driving m-gambling forward?
Planning and implementing your m-gambling strategy
14:30 Panel: Educating the customer on m-gambling opportunities
Educating the consumer on the possibilities of m-gambling
Promoting m-gambling to the masses without tempting the vulnerable
M-gambling is a largely anonymous pursuit, which is part of its appeal to players and operators alike.The technology obviates the need for face-to-face contact, and participants never see their competitors.
With sales of traditional lottery tickets falling and state-run lotteries looking to attract a new generation of customers, the time is ripe for m-gambling.
This new sector is also attracting major companies: Hewlett-Packard provides hardware and systems to Openlot, a mobile lottery software developer in Amsterdam. Siemens provides financial and marketing support to a German m-gambling software startup, Scaraboo.K. betting companies access to its customer network.
Selman also notes that m-gambling offers inherent control mechanisms, such as daily spending limits.
UK -- With the Government looking to review gambling regulations for the first time since 1968, the legislation around m-gambling is provoking huge levels of interest. The Netherlands and Sweden have already created 'mobile' lottery licenses and Britain is set to follow suit.
M-gambling applications are coming onto the market with increasing rapidity and m-gambling has the potential to be a highly lucrative market for both service providers and operators. According to Alatto Research Group, the m-gambling market could reach almost £500 million by 2006.The danger this level of potential revenue brings is that the market could grow to fast. If users are targeted with low quality applications, the market will create low levels of customer satisfaction, leading to unsustainable expansion and lower revenues in the long-term.
Positive legislation is therefore important to prevent companies exploiting this new market without the right technology and without a license. In addition, as m-gambling evolves, regulation will promote user confidence in the industry by ensuring that there are legal requirements for user security such as age verification and accurate pricing and billing information.
M-gambling is completely portable and now that network coverage has reached almost 100%, the mobile phone could rapidly become ideal tool for having a flutter.
Tecbet helps to develop and implement a marketing and sales strategy for Rapid Mobile, an Edinburgh-based supplier of m-gambling technology.
April 2003 USA Today
Built-in cell phone technology has done away with problems that gambling Web sites face in determining if a user is in a country where betting online is legal. Operators can use the satellite-based Global Positioning System, built into some phones, or simply be "looking at the phone number to see what country they're in,"
With respect to channel partners, mobile network operators will do their best to use their own m-portals (e.g.Vodafone Live!) to favour their preferred partners and frustrate independents offering m-content outside the m-portal. The success of that strategy, and therefore the size of the opportunity for m-gambling independents, will depend on both the networks’ appetite for m-gambling and whether m-commerce tends towards either a “walled garden” or “open fields” model over the long term.
This depends on whether the m-gambling operator is offering sports betting, casino gaming and poker, or a lottery-type product.For non-lottery gambling operators, the mobile channel will complement, rather than substitute, their existing product offering.There are 3 main reasons for this.
The third reason that non-lottery m-gambling will tend to complement the existing online channel is that existing online gambling operators have a head start into mobile in respect of their transferable competencies and assets.These include customer account management, branding, payments and (often) Java content management skills, alongside a database of customers to whom the new mobile channel can be marketed.
M-commerce is instant commerce. It's impulse-driven commerce and will remain so for a long time to come. Gambling, too, is instant and impulse-driven, and this compatibility is the key reason for m-gambling's probably bright future. So, is m-gambling likely to be the next big mobile hit? Odds are, gambling qualifies as a top contender for the role of mobile phone moneymaker.
Prepaid Game Cards for Mobile Casino Gambling Increases Casino Loyalty Technology provider helps physical casinos retain and increase loyalty from their consumers with casino M-GAMBLING games for mobile phones, Smartphones and PDAs - 2004-04-09
Studies reveal that one third of traffic to online casino sites come from work stations. Surely, m-gambling will interest them as it will free them from the monotony of work and internet.Not only the employees but m-gambling is certainly going to be popular with the compulsive gamblers.They will be excited to access their favorite casino games like Poker and slots all the time.Will m-gambling create too many gambling addicts is a question to ponder.Also children will have an easy entry into mobile gambling which is a matter of concern. Enterprise_Solutions/Sublevel/page350228724 - 19k
LogicaCMG offers an end-to-end m-Gambling solution in a managed service environment. We work with gambling licensees to create new revenue opportunities in the mobile gambling arena, quickly and efficiently. Together with Dutch Lotto, we launched the world’s first regulated SMS lottery. LogicaCMG offers an application service provider (ASP) business model which operates at the centre of all operator connections, both within and between countries.
As if gambling weren’t addictive enough, European companies are making it easy, too. The hot trend overseas is games of chance via cell phone, otherwise known as “m-gambling.” Lottery tickets now can be bought through mobile phone in the Netherlands, Austria, Britain, Germany and Sweden. It’s even easier to bet on games or enter sweepstakes by phone.
Gambling, just like adult visuals, represents lucrative opportunity for mobile operators. A new report from Dublin-based Alatto Technologies suggests that 4.5 percent of all global mobile users will gamble to some extent. According to Alatto, this will yield projected ARPUs (Average Revenues Per User) of EUR78 for operators and correspond to estimated sector revenues of almost EUR700 million by 2006.

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