Saturday, November 05, 2005


This is another experiment in pileup query.
I used the advanced search in order to take advantage of the 11 suggested words that it has on its results page instead of the three suggested words that are offered to the user on the simple search. Then I returned to the simple search to execute the new queries because it is easier to copy its results page.

Suggested words were: screen ; windows ; Braille ; display ; braillex ; sighted ; access ; complete ; tiny ; original ; visualize;

I slightly edited the results and erased duplicates.

This is the first results page.
WinDOTS 2 The Ultimate Braille Access Software for Microsoft Windows 3.x and Windows 95/98
"Now finally I know what Windows looks like!" a blind programmer told us after a couple of minutes work with WinDOTS. In fact, WinDOTS translates the original Windows screen into a complete text screen.
The structure and the layout of the original Windows screen remain unchanged. So on one hand, WinDOTS shows you a screen similar to the ones you know from your old DOS applications, on the other hand, you will also understand the Windows screen layout and thus be able to discuss it with your sighted co-workers. WinDOTS also allows to visualize the contents of the Braille display, which makes the communication with sighted people even easier. For this purpose, you can insert a window on the graphics screen, or - for training purposes for example - you can visualize the complete WinDOTS virtual screen on a terminal.
With this presentation concept, even mouse functions are easy to accomplish. You don't need to push the "real" mouse across the screen, WinDOTS brings it to you: You see the position of all the important interaction elements on the vertical display. With a click on a line routing key, you move the Braille display to the corresponding screen line and see the element itself.
(Including Battery) WinDOTS Braille Access Software for Windows Full Windows Screen in Braille Format Windows, Menus, Icons, Texts, Command Buttons Original Screen Layout Maintained Mouse Functions Emulated : Line Routing to Icons and Click to Select Requires Windows 3.x, 486 DX2/66 or faster, 16 MEG RAM Papenmeier Braillex Tiny Braille Display At a keystroke, the Braillex Tiny Braille Display switches from showing a single row of 40 characters to a tactile representation of the full screen layout. This two-dimensional feature allows you to accurately locate screen information.
Within a fraction of a second, you can review the screen layout and quickly go to the area of interest by pressing the cursor routing key associated with that location. The small, lightweight display connects via serial interface, using DosDOTS or WinDOTS. The Braillex Tiny runs over six hours on each battery charge, allowing reliable access while computing on the run.
WinDOTS With its unique special access concepts, WinDOTS translates the full original Windows screen into usable tactile information. The structure and layout of the original screen remain unchanged.
You are not limited to just what the program thinks is the "focus", which enables you to fully appreciate program layout. Taking advantage of the Braillex Tiny status array, WinDOTS provides quick-access mouse movement and selection with two touches of the cursor routing switches. Braillex Tiny Braille Display Item Number Description EVAS-3SE-T40 Braillex Tiny 40 Cell Portable Braille Display EVAS-3SE-WD WinDOTS Braille Access Software for Windows Listed above is a representative sampling of Braille Products.

From now on the results are pileups:
You can then read the contents in detail. This very easy, intuitive and fast screen access is complete with the intelligent cursor routing feature. After having scanned the screen (for example for proof-reading a text) you can route the cursor to where you want to modify your text. The unequalled working comfort of BRAILLEX 2 D Screen is complete with its Integrated Access Strategy program that reflects Papenmeier's long experience in accessing computer screens with a Braille display. The ideal platform for accessing Windows Together with Papenmeier's acclaimed WinDOTS program, BRAILLEX 2 D Screen is the ideal device for accessing the graphical user interface Microsoft Windows. Available as hardware and software solution * BRAILLEX 2 D Screen is available in two versions: BRAILLEX 2D Screen/S connects to a serial port. This device comes with a memory-resident screen reader program for DOS (DOSDOTS). Optionally, drivers are also available for Windows 6/VinDOTS), and OS /2 (OS2DOTS). * Together with the Hardware Upgrade Kit, it becomes BRAILLEX 2D Screen dualport.
If you want to use the hardware option, you need a PC with one free 1 6-bit slot, a video system based on the ISA bus, and any operating system or software using text mode. In conjunction with WinDOTS, you also have access to the MS-Windows environment. Technical Specifications: * 80 + 22 cell 8-dot piezo-electric braille display with Papenmeier's proprietary Dialog Braille Cells * Micro-processor controlled proprietary interface board (BRAILLEX 2D Screen dualport only) * Power supply 115 or 230 V * Dimensions: 29"x 1 2.2"x 1.3" Weight: 19 lb.
Just press a key behind any of the Braille dots and BRAIL LEX Compact will posit on the computer's cursor to the desired cell. The acclaimed WinDOTS screen reader software for Windows fully supports BRAILLEX Compact. BRAILLEX Compact supports the cooperation of blind and sighted persons: The integrated LCD repeats the texts shown on the Braille display.
Throughout the development the usability of the Workstation has been kept at the forefront. Finally, the prototype is now undergoing thorough testing with blind and partially sighted people in three European countries. Implementation The MATHS Workstation is based on the Windows access system WinDOTS from F.
First they look at the data structure as a whole, then they locate the place that attracts their interest, and only then they start reading. Ideal For Graphical User Interfaces This unique possibility to obtain a general overview of the computer screen makes BRAILLEX Tiny the ideal Braille display for the increasingly more popular graphical user interfaces like Windows or OS /2. Especially WinDOTS program, the screen reader for Windows, fully supports all of BRAILLEX Tiny's presentation options. Portable And User Friendly Connect BRAILLEX Tiny to your notebook computer and you have the ideal workstation for traveling.

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