Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This is another experiment in pileup query.
I used only the simple search to collect the initial information and the pileup.

Original Query was: theConcept

I slightly edited the results and erased duplicates.

Conclusions: Pileups were valuable and added essential information.

This is the first results page:
theConcept 1.2.2 Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or later. Buy now for $39.95.
Finding the information you need is harder. Instead of spending your time clicking through page after page of search engine results, why not search smarter with theConcept? theConcept queries your favorite search engine, visits each search result and analyzes the text from each linked page - leaving you with time for more important matters.
How does it work? theConcept uses data mining technology to summarize hundreds of web pages into something more manageable, allowing you to focus on important topics and content. And if you need to extend your reach to your desktop, theConcept can even read files on your computer and digest hundreds of documents just as effortlessly.
In a time when everybody's asking about the future of search, why wait for "next-generation" engines when you can start data mining for knowledge today? Whether you have serious work to do or you're just curious about the web's view on a particular subject, theConcept can help turn information overload into information insight. You can evaluate a trial version of theConcept free of charge.
Welcome to Mesa Dynamics Current Releases... theConcept™ 1.2.2 Data mine information on the web or your desktop.
Do you frequently search the Internet or large text files for information? If so, you can search smarter with theConcept search application.
Everyone from students doing homework, researchers looking for information, webmasters doing search engine optimization, busy executives needing a quick overview of long documents, and anyone who searches documents or the Internet for information will find theConcept essential.

And here are the pileups:
Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 12, 2005 -- Mesa Dynamics today released theConcept 1.2, its data mining application for quickly finding information in search engine results, web sites and local desktop documents.
Applied uses of theConcept include clustering results from search engines such as Google, summarizing large documents and performing SEO keyphrase analysis.
Crawling a web site for information theConcept can crawl a web site, just like search engine spiders do while we're all sleeping. This can be helpful if you need to research information on the web from places where it would take too long to explore on your own.
You could spend a whole afternoon clicking links and looking for interesting information from these locations. Using theConcept, you can do the same task and save your afternoon for a nap: theConcept can crawl the entire Lord of the Rings Databank site, processing all the text it finds along the way to build a "Lord of the Rings" Index. Similarly, theConcept can crawl every link on the Superstring Theory Links Page, processing the text from each document to build a "Superstring Theory" Index. When theConcept is finished, you can use each Index to discover what you didn't have time to explore: see what sites mention Tolkien or M-branes (and get an idea of what they say about them), automatically pull up images of Middle Earth or Brian Greene, or discover devoted fan sites for these topics. Reading files for topic skimming and summarization theConcept can read files on your local machine or network. This can be helpful if you have a batch of documents pertaining to some subject, or one very large document that you don't have time to read.
S. House of Representatives on funding for a particular NASA project. You certainly don't have time to read it, but it might be nice to get some idea of what it says. Using theConcept, you can digest two hundred pages in about the time it takes to launch Word: theConcept can open the file and read it, processing all the text inside to build a "NASA" Index. When theConcept is finished, you can use the Index to discover what you didn't have time to read: see what members of Congress are mentioned in the report, automatically pull up images of the project in question…you get the picture by now. Using theConcept Of course, the best way to understand how theConcept might help you is to actually put it to use.
The program you've requested, "TheConcept", is not available for download at this time. You might try searching for this title at a later date, or use the search box to look for a similar program now.

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