Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Black Jack Research

I know a bridge-cards-game champion who sits all night long and plays on the Web with his friends who are scattered all around the world- but today I heard about a new trend in gambling- mobile gambling. It sounded very intriguing to me to research these phenomena but since I know nothing about it I looked for information on the keywords "mobile gambling" and arrived to this homepage. I saw all kinds of games there and decided to start learning about Black Jack. So I entered the words "Black Jack" into QTSaver and copied the best results to a WORD document. Then I took the first suggested keyword, added it to the original query words and clicked search. I repeated this procedure many times until I got what I wanted:

Black Jack history is not very clear, but most people think that it comes from French games such as \"Chemin De Fer\" and \"French Ferme\" and originated in French casinos around 1700. Its first name was \"Vingt-Et-Un\" (\"Twenty-One\").
The game was called 'twenty one'. It came to the US in the 1900s and was soon the most popular casino game in the Vegas casinos. At the internet today, there are hundreds of online casinos offering the game of black jack. Most casinos allow to play for free to experience the casino software and tryout the casino games.
Black Jack is the most popular casino game of all. Black Jack's popularity is so high because if played right the odds are much higher than in any other game. The rules are slightly different from area to area and from casino to casino. This means you have to make sure you inform yourself about the exact rules for black jack and guidelines each casino has, before you start gambling. In Black Jack you don't play against any other players - only against the dealer. The main objective in Black Jack is to get a hand higher than the dealer's without going over 21.
Some casinos even let the dealer hit when he has a soft 17. The rules which the dealer has to follow will be written clearly on the Black Jack table, so there will be no confusion. You win if either the dealer busts or has a total less than yours.
By default, the computer plays in a random manner. However, you may let it play against the dealer and learn to play Black Jack from experience. The learning algorithm it may use is called the SARSA algorithm, a reinforcement learning algorithm introduced by G.
He demonstrated how an ADAptive LINear Element [2] learned with a critic to play blackjack without knowing the game and the objective of play. More recently, in [3] neural networks and Temporal Differences(TD) learning were applied to learning play games from experience. Finally, in [7] Monte Carlo methods have been used to learn value-functions of the game of Black Jack.
Card counting can give you a significant boost over the house, especially in Black Jack, and learning how to successfully count cards has never been easier! Black Jack Pro introduces a simple system that anyone can learn, teaching players to keep track of the odds and adjusting their betting and playing style accordingly.
Learn the tricks of the Black Jack trade with this installment of the Fun-To-Know series. With detailed demonstrations and clear step-by-step instructions, an experienced Black Jack teacher explains all the game`s rules, from the most basic to the most complex. Sure to benefit the beginning or advanced player, FUN-TO-KNOW: BLACK JACK MADE SIMPLE also covers proper game-table etiquette and shows novices how to avoid common mistakes.
Here are a few tips to help you win at Black Jack Drop...
Get to know the pairs of cards that total 11 -- 9+2, 8+3, 7+4, 6+5. This is very useful.
Try to build stacks that have 11 points on them, so that whenever you get a face card you can immediately collapse the stack.
Note that about a third of the deck is worth 10 points, while two-thirds are worth less than 10. So try to pair up every face card with two other cards to total 21, and you'll empty the deck evenly.
The history of blackjack, as we know it today, goes back to the 1800's, when it reached the United States. Back then, in the card rooms of the Wild West, craps and poker were considered the ideal games for high rollers.
His results were published in "Beat the Dealer," a book that made number one in the New York Times' best seller list in 1963. This was the first book in history to declare that the casinos were possible to beat in blackjack and showed how it could be done. Thorp pioneered and promoted this 'basic strategy' in gambling, some of whose principles you'll find at blackjack-planet.com.
Thorp, featuring mathematical information that instructed gamblers on how to reduce the house advantage. This new information about the already popular blackjack game reignited the public’s interest in blackjack. Casinos nationwide made a fortune from blackjack’s newly gained popularity and the media attention it generated. However, the threat of the potential “formula” to winning at blackjack was looming. As a result, casinos tried to change blackjack rules to make blackjack much more difficult to win. However, many blackjack players protested by not playing blackjack by the new rules, and the resulting loss of blackjack revenue quickly forced casinos to revert back to the old rules of blackjack. The casinos introduced changes to increase their odds at blackjack: double down, blackjack side bets, no-bust blackjack, multiple decks, and much more, which restored the casinos’ blackjack advantage to odds they themselves considered acceptable. Thorp was not the only one who tried to calculate the odds of winning the blackjack game. Another major contributor to the history of blackjack winning ploys is Julian Braun, an IBM employee, who used a computer to refine his predecessors’ slightly complicated card-counting technique. In 1977, Ken Uston used a team of blackjack players who had computers built into their shoes; the team went on to win over 100,000 dollars in blackjack, before the FBI confiscated one of the computers. However, the agents concluded that since the computer was using public information on blackjack, it could not be considered a blackjack cheating device. Blackjack is still considered one of the most popular table games at casinos around the world.

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