Thursday, November 03, 2005

QTSaver vs. Google

I created QTSaver's logo on the 8th of September and published it on my Blog on the 28th of September.
And this is what I read on Michael Mahemoff's Blog and Podcast on October 26, 2005
Google’s Microcontent Engine
Google’s apparently releasing
While some see it as a Craigslist
, it’s a lot more than that: Google has seen the future, and the future
is one big mashup of microcontent. “A” microcontent
is a small chunk of information, typically with its own URL, but not actually a
web page. It’s not a web page because it’s raw content, without being wrapped in
navigation, disclaimers, etc. As some of the Ajax portals show, there’s a confluence
here: Ajax allows for easy manipulation of microcontent. Tiddlywiki is based around the idea of
microcontent, and allows you to conjure up some microcontent by clicking on a Microlink.

I'm not expecting Google to thank me for the bright Microcontent Engine slogan. I just hope they will not sue me for using it before them.

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