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Pileup Query

Since QTSaver retrieves sometimes too few excerpts other times an avalanche of excerpts I started exercising a Pileup Query which will take the first "suggestion to refine your query" and add it to the query phrase, then the first Suggestion to refine your query from the second results page and so on until I get 18 excerpts. This might bring some homogeneity to the retrieval and the user will get used to receiving 18 excerpts in each query.

It will look like this:

Search phrase: Magnification Software
1st result:
Magnification helps those with low vision by enlarging text in print and on computer screens. Products in this group can range from a simple magnifying glass, which attaches to a computer monitor, to screen enlarging software and hardware systems that incorporate closed-circuit television (CCTV).
A polarizing filter reduces glare and improves contrast.Software-based Magnification These products allow the user to increase the size of the text displayed on the computer monitor up to 16X. These programs are generally memory resident and will run with most applications.
MAGic and MAGic Deluxe (Microsystems Software) For IBM PCs and compatibles. Provides magnification for most graphics and text based application programs running under DOS or Microsoft Windows.
Horizontal and vertical split screen modes may be used to allow enlarged and standard text to be viewed simultaneously. Control is provided by menus that are displayed at the same level of magnification chosen for viewing text. Hardware-based Magnification Hardware for magnification comes with text enlargement software as well as a dedicated video-controller circuit card that processes the magnification commands. In addition, it offers features not found on software-based magnification systems.
The computer image can be split so that half the screen contains the printed text; the other half contains the text created by the user. The computer image can be magnified with the additional magnification software as well. Since these products are hardware, they do not use up any of the computer's memory to run.
Check compatibility of printers with the manufacturer. Software Applications with Built-in Magnification In addition to the above products, there are several software programs, especially word processing applications that include magnification as a built-in feature. Some of these are programs especially designed for children, such as Big Letters and Kidsword.
Suggestions to refine your query:

Screen, computer, products

Search phrase: Magnification Software Screen
2nd result:
Screen magnification software Customizing the operating system A computer screen offers a display medium with the potential to alter the color, contrast and brightness to suit individual preferences. It also offers extensive control over presentation of text size, style and color.
Screen magnification softwareif customizing the operating system does not magnify the screen enough then there are magnification products on the market which have been developed for use by partially sighted people. The principle behind magnification software is that the image on the standard computer screen can be artificially enlarged. This means that the screen will display only a proportion of the original contents. This magnified window is moved around to enable the rest of the screen to be read as required. Screen magnification will normally automatically follow the focus of attention, so that the area around the cursor or mouse pointer is magnified. The user is able to increase or decrease the magnification as required. Packages do vary in the features that they provide but generally features include: magnification up to 16 times and sometimes 32 times. Although using magnification at 32 times may prove very difficult to manage practically. changing the appearance of the cursors and mouse pointer smoothing jagged edges of characters at larger magnification altering the colors of text, foreground and background Screen magnification products vary in price and start at around £155 and can cost up to £1,100, depending on whether there is speech support built into the program.

Suggestions to refine your query:

Computer, features, display

Search phrase: Magnification Software Computer

Third result (First result was already retrived by the first query so I took the second result):
Screen magnification software enlarges the image presented on the computer screen without eliminating or altering the data in any way. These programs run in the background and do not interfere with the normal use of the computer except when the user wants to adjust the accessibility feature (ex. increase the magnification).
The movement required to view the entire image increases with higher magnification. People considering computer magnification should also determine whether they are able to read at a reasonable speed with the magnification. If too much effort is needed to just identify each letter, it may be more practical to use other technology, such as voice output software.
There is some software (RJ Cooper's Biggy, Applied Human Factor's Mouse & Caret Buddy) that makes the cursor larger, higher contrast or place additional visual cues near the cursor. Can both magnification and voice output be used? Some magnification programs include some basic voice output capabilities. Note that those programs are designed for people with low vision, and they do not have all of the features that would be included in voice output software for an individual who is blind. Other magnification programs are compatible with the more popular voice output software and/or voice output software made by the same manufacturer. Can a CCTV / Video Magnifier be used to provide computer magnification? A few CCTVs are computer compatible and will allow a user to display the information from the computer on the CCTV, with magnification and contrast options, instead of on a computer monitor. These products easily switch between reviewing printed and computer information, or may allow both to be displayed on a split screen. For computer access, however, the types of magnification options are usually more limited than those provided by computer software. Check with CCTV vendors to determine whether their product line includes a computer-compatible video magnifier.
Suggestions to refine your query:

Screen, programs, products
Search phrase: Magnification Software Programs (Since the first suggestion was already used I took the second suggestion)
Fourth result:
For those who need more than magnification, it is possible to use screen magnification and synthetic speech together. Most of today's computers have enough memory to support these programs. For older computers, having at least 640K of memory is strongly recommended in order to run screen magnification software and have enough memory left over for applications and other uses.
This is especially true if speech is also used or if operating in a network. Magnification levels vary -- the least expensive product limits magnification to 2x and some of the more expensive products provide up to 16x magnification. A limitation of screen magnification software (and magnification in general) is that as on-screen material is magnified, less of it fits on the screen. Magnification programs function similarly to a magnifying glass moving over a page. Programs can automatically follow the cursor, magnifying the area around it.
Suggestions to refine your query:

Screen, computer, windows
Search phrase: Magnification Software Windows (since the other two Suggestions were already used I took the third)
Fifth result:
MAGic and MAGic Deluxe (Microsystems Software) For IBM PCs and compatibles. Provides magnification for most graphics and text based application programs running under DOS or Microsoft Windows.

Suggestions to refine your query:
Screen, computer, dos
Search phrase: Magnification Software Dos
Sixth result:
For IBM-PC compatible systems: AI Squared PO Box 669 Manchester Ctr., VT 05255 802/362-3612 e-mail Product Line: ZoomText for DOS; ZoomText for Windows; Zoomtext Plus (DOS and Windows) Compatibility: DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95; Memory used: 86K (with all 3 fonts; 65K for only one font). Artic Technologies 55 Park St, Troy, Michigan 48083 810/588-7370 Product Line: Magnum Deluxe Compatibility: DOS,

Suggestions to refine your query:

screen, windows, vision
Search phrase: Magnification Software Vision
Seventh result:
Training tips for using Magnification Programs (pdf) Magnification Software For some students with low vision, using a larger monitor and adjusting the display using the built-in accessibility provides enough visual access to the computer screen. When that isn't enough, she may need magnification software. See our handout on Training tips for using Magnification programs. Screen magnification programs (also referred to as screen enlargement utilities or large print programs) allow users to enlarge a portion of the screen.
Suggestions to refine your query:

Low, screen, products

Search phrase: Magnification Software Low

Eights result: (two first results were already used so I took the third)
BigShot Screen Magnifier is the first product of its kind- software that magnifies the screen while you work. Magnifies all Windows programs and works great on desktops and laptops.
MAGic Professional with Speech MAGic is software that combines great magnification features with true low vision screen reading. This version comes with speech built-in.

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