Friday, November 04, 2005

Where Are My Postings?

Once you published your posting you got no control about its proliferation.
Meta search engines can crawl a few search engines in parallel but even if they crawled 10 search engines at a time there are thousands more which you have to visit separately.

To make a long story short it is an impossible mission to know for certain where your postings were published. More than that, even if you deleted a posting from your Blog there is always a chance that a remote unknown search engine took it before you erased it and displays it as opposed to your crystal clear intention.

Still there is a way to know a little more about places where your postings are displayed: you can consult your Site Meter. Yesterday I heard for the first time about blogdigger, and the day before was the first time I heard about Feedster. Anyhow the main interest of Bloggers, in my opinion, is not to publish for publishing's sake but to let people read your postings, and the proof that they read it is on your Site Meter.

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