Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mobile gambling possibilities

I started my research about mobile gambling with where I found the following mobile games:
Cards games: black jack, poker, HiLo,

But there are lot more possibilities and today I started to explore them with my QTSaver:

Mobile Bingo
A company called Techno Wing developed so-called Mobile Bingo System that allows consumers to play a Bingo game while shopping at a retail store. A customer first need to sign up for the service, then she receives a QR code from a server. After shopping, she can display the QR code on her mobile phone and show it to a reader device. Then, she receives an SMS message that notifies her about the points she earned. Now she can open her home page on her phone to check the current status of her ongoing bingo game.

Mobile Baccarat
Mobile Casino Games include: Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Poker, Craps, American & European Roulette, Pai Gow Poker and more! Requirements: - Any QVGA or VGA Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC - 2.2 MB of available RAM.

Mobile Lotteries
Research and Markets: Mobile Gambling - Casinos, Lotteries and Betting. - Journal, Magazine, Article, Periodical
Research and Markets: Mobile Gambling - Casinos, Lotteries and Betting.
Description DUBLIN, Ireland -- Global Gambling Market, an Extremely Large and Growing Industry, with Valuations Currently around One Trillion Dollars Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Mobile Gambling - Casinos, Lotteries and Betting to their offering. The global gambling market, in all its forms, is an extremely large and growing industry, with valuations ...

Mobile craps
Craps:The most popular game in the casinos Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mobile Chess
Get connected with this multi-player chess game! Login, find an opponent and play a good game...wherever you are. The LiveChess server will change your rating after each game, so you know how good you are compared to others. The server validates moves and checks the time. Impossible to cheat!

Mobile Strip Poker
The Java-phone version of our ever popular Strip Poker game. Use skill and luck to get your opponents fully undressed. Features full-screen hi-res images of your opponents, a good AI and attractive sounds.

Mobile Betting
Ukbetting plc (AIM: UKB. L) is the UK's leading digital wagering operator and owns and operates four sports content sites (,, and and two wagering sites ( and Through these sites it is possible to find in-depth information, and place fixed-odds bets, on a variety of sports including horse racing, football, cricket, rugby, tennis, and many more. ukbetting plc currently supplies a range of betting and sports content services to the UK's major mobile networks including Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile and 3.
Sep 2004
These certainly aren't the first moves into mobile betting, which has been around since the early WAP days, and the famous Hong Kong Jockey Club now takes more bets from mobile devices than it does online. Most UK carriers have some partnership with bookmakers, an industry that tends to stay on top of technology.
Munich -- With its new UMTS platform for mobile betting on horse races, scaraboo allows users to place bets via mobile devices such as Pocket PCs and mobile phones. Scaraboo, a portfolio company of Siemens Mobile Acceleration, developed the UMTS platform for horse racing in cooperation with Bremer Rennbahn GmbH. The company's technology features digital bet placement and the transmission of live results and images to mobile devices. This system is not only interesting for users, but also for network operators and betting agencies.
Business Requirement Gambling is a popular activity in Japan and iNOS wanted to tap this market during the Football World Cup 2000. In this effort, iNOS wanted to develop an online betting game that would be available on i-mode mobile phones
However, the rapid proliferation of mobile services in Asia, combined with an increasing tolerance of sports betting (cricket is now the second most popular sport for betting, thanks primarily to Indian gamblers) should see the percentages using these services rise markedly in the medium term. Overall, this means that the number of individuals placing bets via the mobile phones should rise from its current level of around 4.6m to more than 100m by 2009.
Mobile Golf Scorer™ BIRDIE Version 1.30 The tool to record and analyze your Rounds and to improve your Game. Includes GPS for Distances and Betting functionality.

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