Thursday, December 01, 2005

Business presentation

My answer to the question WHO ARE WE is that QTsaver is an excellent team of thinkers that challenge each other in a unique way. It is a great pleasure to watch the wheels of fine brains while they are trying to contribute to a revolutionary vision.

Eddie's answer to this question is different but when you'll read it I hope you'll understand what I'm talking about (if not - forget it)

we are a Micro-Content Engine:

In the last decade or two the internet has grew to be an enormous data-base,a simingly unlimited source of information, which is constantly updated.
The biggest obsticle between a user and the information he requiers is "how to find it?". This is obviousely a very hard problem, and is currently best answered by general purpose search engines that provide links to a (usually large)list of web pages that hopefully contain relevant information. The current state is hardly satisfactory, and we are far from enabling users to harness all the power of the internet.

The problem is that since the problem is so hard, any improvement risks being very complicated or addressing a very small audience.

QTSaver gives a very elegant suggestion for the "next step" in information extraction from the internet. One key improvement is that QTSAver provides information and not links to sources of information.
This already cleared the path for a few new applications that are not possible in general purpose search engines. Another improvement is more strict criterions for what information is relevant, removing much garbadge in the cost of a portion of the audience for which general porpose engines are more suitable anyway.
The INFORMATION retrieved by QT is the foundation of all applications we have so far.

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