Monday, December 19, 2005

QT/Mobile Fire-Test

My partner Oni went today with Lena-the-programmer to Office Depot. They wanted to buy a color printer to print our new business presentation. They found a Lexmark printer.
Oni asked Lena:
What do you think?

Lena: If it does not support Linux I do not want it.
Oni: let's find out.
Lena: no, I can not. I don't have an Internet connection here.
Oni :I do, here, in my pocket.

Lena saw his Mobile and said:
Lena: no, you will not find it!
Oni: let's try.
Oni typed "Z815 Lexmark Linux" in his mobile phone,and after a few seconds he got the name of the right driver and the address to download it.
Oni and Lena went to pay to the cashier and there they found out that a different printer is waiting for them - it was Z615.
They asked the seller what goes on and the seller answered that the Z815 ran out.
Lena: OK, if it also has a Linux driver we take it.

Oni opened the mobile. He pressed and posted another query.
"Z615 Lexmark Linux".
There were a few answers:
The first was about somebody asking if there is a Linux driver to Z615 Lexmark.
In the second some expert explained that he is sure that despite the fact that Lexmark does not declare it down on the product's cover, Lexmark have a driver for Linux.
The third was a positive answer with the name of the driver for Z615 Lexmark printer and where to download it.
They paid and went home and they live happily ever after...

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