Saturday, December 10, 2005


In a comment to my posting about table-of-contents my friend Udi Segal advised me to sum up the main issues in order to make my Blog even more friendly. I accepted his advice and here is the sum up of Chapter 2: DEMONSTRATIONS

In this chapter I show:

How to use QTSaver to write an article in an hour
How to use QTSaver to write a research in a few hours
How to use book contents to collect information
How to use QTSaver to find a person
How QTSaver helps you automatically to narrow your search
How to choose the right words for your query
How to execute pile-up queries
How to look for definitions
How to map all sorts of searches
How to arrange the results with appropriate headings
How to translate a verse from the bible
What's the difference between the results of a company that specializes in finding articles and QTSaver
Why the logic of search is not common sense
That sometimes there's a need to use a dictionary in order to find what you search for
That sometimes there's a need to call up a friend who knows English and not count on a dictionary
That sometimes there's a need to use Yellow Pages instead of search engine
That sometimes nothing goes right – no matter what search engine or tactics you use.

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