Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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In order to make this Blog even friendlier I propose to the new reader who wants to know what I wrote up till now to read the following postings or at least their headings:


Why frustration?
- Because we want to find information and we can not find it. In our imagination we translate our failure in survival terms:
I will not finish my term paper
so they will kick me out of school
so I will never find a decent job
so I will never find a spouse
so I will never have kids…
That's why we get so emotional about not finding…

There is a gap between experiencing QTSaver and explaning what is it that you feel. The reason is that you feel what you don't get. You feel that the irrelevant results to which you were used to , which were scattered between the relevant ones in any other search engine that you used - were disappeared. You feel like walking in a quiet neibourhood after spending the whole day in the central bus station.

Wikipedia is an admirable project and there is no doubt that when it has an article about any term most chances are that it will be better than any Google or Yahoo equivalent. Still Wikipedia is not enough. I believe QTSaver might assist Wikipedia and complement it and I'll try to prove it in my next researches.

Since QTSaver retrieves sometimes too few excerpts other times an avalanche of excerpts I started exercising a Pileup Query which will take the first "suggestion to refine your query" and add it to the query phrase, then the first Suggestion to refine your query from the second results page and so on until I get 18 excerpts. This might bring some homogeneity to the retrieval and the user will get used to receiving 18 excerpts in each query.

In case many meanings have one word (Homonyms)
For example:' apple' from the tree and ' apple' the company.
The computer can find a right match or a wrong matche or both. And again, if it found a right one there is no problem, and if it found wrong ones the user is either frustrated or confused.

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