Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Monkey in the Zoo

There is a gap between experiencing QTSaver and explaning what is it that you feel. The reason is that you feel what you don't get. You feel that the irrelevant results to which you were used to , which were scattered between the relevant ones in any other search engine that you used - were disappeared. You feel like walking in a quiet neibourhood after spending the whole day in the central bus station...

I already used the example of the monkeys in the zoo, but the source is what I wrote on my DEMO. It is in Hebrew so I translated it for you:

On Thursday the 30th of June 2005 I was looking for material about a monkey in the Biblical zoo in Jerusalem. I entered into Google the keywords Jerusalem biblical zoo monkey and got a page with links. I opened the first four links and pasted the results into a Word document. I counted the words and found that there were 26,119 words. I did the same with QTSaver and got four links with 991 words.

The word monky appeared in Google 25 times while in QTSAVER it appeared only five times.

In one minute I found on QTSaver a news item about a chimpanzee named Maya who gave birth to two little monkeys in the biblical zoo in Jerusalem on 24th of May 2004. This result satisfied me since it had accurate and updated information.

The first link in Google looked promising because all the keywords appeared on it but the contents were disappointing. It said that "monkeys on this zoo are very entertaining, may be the most entertaining in Israel". This result did not satisfy me since it was an opinion without any fact.

I continued searching in the same article for the word monkey, but I didn't find any additional relevant information. I found information about monkeys in other zoos around the globe and about a monkey in a Jerusalem zoo which is not the biblical zoo.

Then I started reading the second link and saw immediately on the snippet the same information that I found on QTSaver and that was the end of this search. it took three minutes.

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