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Tennis shoes

The more I use QTSaver the more I know its secrets. No wonder that when somebody asks me to collect for him information on any subject in the world I'm doing it more than willingly. This time I was asked to collect interesting things about tennis shoes and here's what I collected.
Q. Can I play tennis in my running shoes? Q. Can I play tennis in my deck shoes? Q. Which is the best tennis shoe upper material: canvas, leather, or vinyl? Q. Why does the toe of my tennis shoe keep wearing out? Q. Can I fix the hole in the sole of my tennis shoe?
K-Swiss Women's Classic Leather Tennis shoe Item: 5006908
Breathable, odor resistant, removable insole. The original K-Swiss leather tennis shoe, a classic since 1966. Not quite what you're looking for?
Unlike the trend toward heavier racquets, Tennis shoes are getting lighter. The trick, of course, is to find places to take out the weight without compromising the shoe’s lateral and medial stability (in tennis-ese, making sure the player doesn’t get a nasty ankle sprain, or worse). In some cases, stability is achieved through a low-to-the-ground ride, in others the shoe may have a unibody construction (the upper is wrapped over the midsole and attached to the outsole).
From: Matt, Grand Forks, ND, USA 07/05 Comments: I have been playing tennis for many years and always have a hard time finding a tennis shoe that I can put on from the start and feel comfortable in. At a height of 6 "1" and weighing in at 215 this is the best shoe I have used for comfort and durability.
However, the Prince T10s more than lived up to my expectations. I've never had a pair of Prince Tennis shoes wear out fast, and the T10s have only added to my confidence in Prince durability." Noticing improved durability in the T10s compared to most other brands he's worn was Danny.
I put over 30 hours of play on these shoes during the test, and while I did see some outsole wear under the forefoot areas, the shoes are still going strong." Danny found the level of durability to be above average for a performance tennis shoe.
I have always been hard on my Tennis shoes (as well as my running shoes, but that's for another review), and found that i couldn't get a pair of shoes to last more than a few months, even on the off season. So when my old shoes wore out, I looked through Tennis magazine's shoe review (remember this was a few years ago). There I saw that this shoe got Tennis magazine's editor's choice, and got highest marks in toe durability.
I haven't seen durability like this in a tennis shoe before. I got my first pair right before my season, and I was able to use those shoes for the next 6 Months.
10/05 Comments: This shoe is comfortable, but heavy on my feet. They feel a little awkward when I play tennis.
USA 8/02 Comments: The Reebok Net Master DMX White Tennis shoe is the ONLY shoe I use for Tennis. It is the only shoe I have found to be dependably comfortable. My only problem is, due to the fact that I play a lot of tennis, I go through a lot of shoes, and obviously I wait to long to order more because my size (9) is always sold out.
USA 8/02 Comments: This is my first pair of Reebok Net Master DMX shoes and I absolutely love them. The shoe was recommended to me at the tennis shop. I have high arches and get cramps in my feet when I play for long periods of time.
Wilson Advantage Club Tennis shoe Style: Athletic - Shoe Type: Tennis The Wilson(r) Advantage Club(tm) women's tennis shoe offers dependable performance on and off the court.
Specifications for Wilson Advantage Club Tennis The Wilson(r) Advantage Club(tm) women's tennis shoe offers dependable performance on and off the court. The Leather upper with stitch detail provides comfort and durability, while the non-marking high-abrasion rubber outsole with herringbone tread pattern offers great traction you need on the court.

Description: The women's Overhead Smash tennis shoe from Reebok features a carbon rubber heel strike and herringbone outsole delivers durable traction on a variety of surfaces. The low-cut design gives you added mobility, while the IMEVA midsole offers great cushioning.
The red shoe laces were in the boots, and I elected to go with that. "Leather Green" Watercolor -- 32" x 45" Private Collection Tennis shoes have such wonderful character, they are hard to ignore. But, as I write this (Oct 99), I realize it has been a couple of years since my last tennis shoe painting.
Avoid playing on surfaces with no "give" such as cement, asphalt, or synthetic courts. To prevent lower back injuries when playing tennis on hard surface courts, wear heel inserts to absorb the shock. Wear Tennis shoes with good support to prevent ankle injuries.
If your white canvas Tennis shoes are looking a little dingy and washing them in the machine is simply not going to do the trick, use white shoe polish to make them look brand, spanking new. If you want to add a little more pizzazz to update your shoes and are not afraid to let your imagination run wild, the following ideas may be a great way to breathe new life into your childrens' or your own worn Tennis shoes.
The K-Swiss "7.0 System" Tennis shoes are the most technologically advanced in the world. This group of Tennis shoes is specifically designed to meet the unique performance demands of serious tennis players. Check out some of the great "7. 0 System" Features below.....size conversion table CUSHION-BOARD CONSTRUCTIONTM Placement of the buffer board beneath the midsole instead of the more common placement directly under the insole provides more cushioning, shock absorption and prevents the shoe from twisting. This patented technology was first made famous in the K-Swiss Premiere (with SI-18TM) K-Swiss set out to make the best Tennis shoes in the world.
A link back to our site would be nice. This site has a complete history of every kind of tennis shoe. It includes hundreds of images.
For the history of Tennis shoes link is: It has a glossary with definitions of all vocabulary, companies, shoes, and persons involved with them. I used Charlie's small Converse tennis shoe button, background and Nike shoe images.
On the way out of Death Valley, in the middle of the desert, they had a second flat tire on one of the rear tires of the car, and no spare available. My grandfather found a perfectly round hole in the tire (a tubeless tire). While he was looking for material to use to plug the hole, he noticed that his kids were wearing Tennis shoes. He had one of his daughters remove her shoes, and he used a knife to cut a round piece from the sole of her tennis shoe, just large enough to fill the hole. He removed the tire and inserted the piece of tennis shoe into the hole.
Pallis: I can no longer find the information on the Footjoy site but when the information was out there, this almost sounded like a shoe using thermo-regulating or "smart materials" (materials intended to adjust or compensate over a range of conditions). A colleague and I discussed this and he questioned whether a tennis shoe (with current technology) would benefit from this. Golf foot motions are clearly less quick, not as varied and more in contact with the ground and foot then in tennis and he questioned how workable this might be today.
In 2004, Nike released several SHOX basketball shoes, including the SHOX Explosive and the SHOX Elevate. Nike introduced the SHOX Glamour women's tennis shoe a year later. Developed for WTA professional Serena Williams, the SHOX Glamour was the first tennis shoe to feature SHOX technology. With female players already enjoying the benefits of SHOX technology on the tennis courts, the guys were left eagerly anticipating the release of the SHOX Ace men's tennis shoe.
BACK Granny's Tennis shoe
This story may explain alot to some people who know me and make those who don't,wonder. Back many,many years ago when I was about four or five years old, my brothers and cousins would play terrible tricks on me.
"Bill's philosophy — and it's an immensely challenging one for all of us — is that in true situation comedy, you can put the characters in a funny situation and let the humor evolve naturally. "At one point, I remember, he held up a tennis shoe and said; 'I'd rather that you held up the tennis shoe, and instead of telling a joke about the tennis shoe, Just say, 'This is a tennis shoe.' What he meant was that a joke should work from the inside out — not as an unrealistic tag-on.
The tennis shoe was once all things to the American foot. For decades, many of us did so much more than play tennis in Tennis shoes. We hiked, played basketball, biked to school, touched our toes in physical education class and even shopped - sometimes for more Tennis shoes. "For a long time, 'tennis shoe' was a generic term that most of America used to describe what they wore for any sport," says Michael May, a spokesman for the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association in North Palm Beach. "But now consumers may have a hard time even finding a shoe made specifically for tennis." In the 1970s, shoe manufacturers, often the same ones that make Tennis shoes, steadily began introducing specific models for everything from aerobics to walking.


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