Saturday, October 01, 2005

Having a Dialog with the World

Yesterday I got two feedbacks.

The first one was from a regular user:

I did a few searches and liked that the first thing you see is a good definition
of the subject.
Also I enjoyed the fact that I wasn't over flooded
with advertisements.
You should add categories. For example, if
you look for "olive oil" you can define the following categories: cooking,
buying, producers, etc.
I don't use search engines much because I don't have
enough available time and this is one of your strongest advantages that users
can get quick results without going through tons of results.

The other feedback was from an experienced infobroker. He said that there are too few results and that there is a need to translate QTSaver into Hebrew. He asked whether the index resides on Google or on our own server?

I wish I'd get more feedbacks.

They make me feel like I'm having a dialog with the world.

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Anonymous said...

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