Sunday, October 02, 2005


One of my last posts triggered a user in France to send me the following Email:

About the Blog- it is a pleasure. I added it to my list of feeds (RSS) and
I am happy to reveal that you are adding new posts frequently.
I saw that somebody already remarked upon the usability of QTSaver in Firebox. I
also had this problem but I assumed that you're concentrating right now on the
improvement of the algorithm and not on the improvement of the interface.
I allow myself to guess that it was a problem of button definition in HTML.
That's exactly a fulfillment of my vision about the function of this Blog. When I started it I thought that if I will reveal the problems that QTSaver faces and make them transparent - all the developers will have enough information in order to help out, and for me every user is a part of the developing team.

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