Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Categorize Postings

In case your Blog software doesn’t provide an option to categorize postings you can bypass it by saving your posting on Yahoo myweb2 or on Furl or on Blinklist that do provide this option. This way you and the users can easily get a list of all your postings on a certain topic.

It is also a great and quick way to publicize your postings because there are many people that otherwise won't read them. For example: entering to Google the words 'QTSaver blinklist' provides 182 results!

As for myself I found it very efficient to publish and categorize my postings on all three. It takes a few minutes but my Site Meter tells me that visitors come from Yahoo myweb2 from Furl and from Blinklist.

I'll categorize this posting under 'TIPS".

1 comment:

Mind Valley said...

Thanks for recommending BlinkList! I hope you also use this tool for your personal bookmarking, linkrolls, and for finding out what your friends have been discovering online.

In any case, instead of sitemeter I would recommend tracksy. I found this cool tool through BlinkList.