Sunday, October 09, 2005


Lawnorder just sent me the following comment:

In a very short time you can write an article without using a word of your own.
This sounds like the dream of many a lazy graduate and / or college student!
Perhaps one day you will be asked to do the "antidote" to QTSaver, for teachers
who don't like to be fooled...

I think this is a good question and many users already commented about it, so here is my reply:

Agnon, the Nobel Prize winner author, wrote in his novel 'SHIRA' that people copy
thousands of books into little notes and then copy these notes and make a "new"
novel out of them. He himself was a big fan of inserting quotes into his
own novels. This is just an illustration of the teachers' hypocrisy when they
say they educate their students to be original. The opposite is true – they
educate their students to gather info and this task is so tedious that there is
no time and energy left for heavy duty thinking.

QTSaver is here to liberate the user from the rude parts of
thinking and guide him to the fine parts (which are based on the rude parts).

Once you have all the data you need you can think better if you still got the

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