Saturday, October 08, 2005


There are 12 million links in Google that answer the query "Web 2.0".

The phenomenon of Web 2.0 is so energetic that a whole new language is developing in order to express it.

Almost every day I learn a new word:
First I learned the word "Web 2.0".
Then I learned about "microcontent" and "remix"
And today I learned about

A "mashup" is a web-based application built
through (creative) combination of data from multiple sources. Often, but by no
means always, this data is retrieved by using a vendor's API.

The pace of learning these new words is so high that there are already many glossaries dedicated to this new language, and more than that -there are already suggestions to replace the "old words" with new ones, like Ian Hughes' suggestion to replace "Web 2" with "Fifth Wave":

We have had

  • mainframes,
  • minicomputers,
  • pcs,
  • and client-server/Internet.

Nominally these could be called waves 1 to 4. The fifth
wave is all the enabling technologies that have become pervasive. Broadband,
always on connectivity, open standards, easy to use tools, scripting, J2EE etc.
When all these tools are put in the hands of of people with ideas and allows
them to implement those ideas we have the fifth wave.

My contribution to this new glossary is the word "Webish" which is the name I suggest for this new language (like English or Danish)…

To sum it all up: the description of QTSaver in webish is:

A Web 2.0 tool that remixes or mashes up microcontents from multiple sources using a vendor's API.


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lawnorder said...

QTSaver looks pretty cool! I will try it
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