Sunday, October 16, 2005

What People Say about QTSaver

Allen Searls, Wondir Community VP
"I found it very different and very cool… It's really a search engine that delivers large snippets of micro-content and displays them as results, rather than links… he's got a new slant. Worth watching how this develops."

Ziv Dascalu, Search Engines Marketing Expert:
I must say that I really enjoy it and think that there is a lot in it".

Chaz1 – "stumble upon" Suggester
Interesting multi-search concept; give it a try!

QTSaver is a Web 2.0 tool that "extracts info from multiple sites into one document, which then can be sorted. It can be used so that in a very short time you can write an article without using a word of your own". This sounds like the dream of many a lazy graduate and / or college student! (And the nightmare of many a teacher grading essays...). But it would be a great tool to grab news for a political Blog, for instance.

QTSaver uses Google and Yahoo APIs to extract microcontent from multiple sites and allows you to rearrange the excerpts.

Hedva - Infobroker:
I searched for two professional terms in the medicine field and received concentrated answers without effort in comparison to Google that requires entering links. In this sense you really deserve a pat on the back”.

Frank – "heavy surfer"
I made a few searches. I liked that the first thing you get is a definition of the subject I searched. Also there is no flood of ads.

Jonathan – programmer
I got good results. What you do is a Meta search and it can be very interesting because it is a hot product currently and if you do it right you'll be able to sell it.

Amit – Infobroker
You don't have a way to prefer academic sources. I understand your attempt to facilitate search but you've got nothing new to offer an experienced Infobroker.

Tzur – programmer
At times it's VERY slow.
Non of the Leads were relevant.

Joseph – Professor in the university
I checked your program – it gave more concentrated results than Yahoo, but in some cases there were many answers in Yahoo to my queries while your program gave no answer at all.

Mike - Website administrator
Your research tool looks great! I am going to keep playing with it. I think it is a great new way to look up information about specific topics. Very clever!

Nitsan – computer expert
Great to hear that a hobby can lead to something so profound and professional.

George - retiree
How are teachers to ensure, in the future, that the essays their students are supposed to write aren't "QT-produced"? However, for researchers, for example, who don't need to produce original work but only to weave or combine a series of facts or statements into a whole, QT could clearly be most useful!


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