Friday, September 09, 2005

Great Supporter

Allen Searls, VP of the Wondir answering engine, wrote about QTSaver on his Blog:

QTSaver: Microcontent Engine
Zeev on his
new Microcontent Engine
. I got to try it out the other day and found it very
different and very cool. Hopefully he'll have some of the real-time engine APIs
as options available soon as well. I had no idea what QT Saver was until Zeev
let me take it for a spin. It's really a search engine that delivers large
snippets of microcontent and displays them as results, rather than links.
Reminiscent of Answerbus and a few of the Blog engines,
but he's got a new slant. Worth watching how this develops.

I call this kind of support great because it taught me new things about my product.
Regular support is to say: "Great job! Well done! I Love it! I Like it! Etc. It makes you feel good but it doesn't change you.

From your post, Allen, I learned the concept of Microcontent Engine, which led me to a fruitful research about it.
I learned what products are similar to QTSaver and checked them out in order to learn in what way is QTSaver different from them.

Allen, you are a great supporter. Hope QTSaver will keep on surprising you…

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Allen Searls said...

Happy to help, and happy to be a beta-tester. I think you may be onto something here and wish you the best with it. In the next few years I think we'll all find that microcontent is what it's all about.