Sunday, September 25, 2005

Herald to the visually impaired population

On the site of VirTouch Mouse for the blind I found the following information
The visually impaired population in the U.S., Japan and Europe is some 17
million people, of whom 535,000 in America alone, and about the same number in
Europe, are active computer users. Additionally, there are worldwide over 5,000
specific centers for the blind and over 50,000 general centers that serve the
blind. Among the latter are libraries, regular schools, museums, and

For me these are not numbers, in my imagination I can hear the joy of one such visually impaired user telling me about a successful search.

Anyhow, I need to pass the message out. I joined a few discussion groups of visually impaired and I'm sending letters to "Blindness Organizations".

QTSaver is software that might help you get less irrelevant information while
you are surfing the Web. It is very meaningful both for those who need text to
speech and for those who need Magnifier. With QTSaver you have to read or hear
fewer words and the words you read or hear are more to the point.

I am very impatient; I can't wait to hear that sweet voice of joy telling me that QTSaver is effective.

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