Thursday, September 22, 2005

How to Save the World

Dear Dave,

I read the following on your How to Save the World deep and extensive article:

Chapter Four: In My Own Words: The Role of Innovation in Achieving Change - One
of my roles in the company I work for is Director of Knowledge Innovation.
To fulfill this role I had to discover what innovation is, at least in a
business context, how it occurs and why it's important".

This sentence specifically and the whole article in general triggered me to share with you my insight that the atoms of thought are micro contents which each one of us tries to arrange a little bit differently. I estimate that in the future some of your assumptions about how the world is built and how to change it or save it will also change…what will remain? Only the structure of thought… It is like copying a table in Microsoft Access when the prompt asks you whether you want to copy the table with the Data or to copy only the structure of the table.

I invite you to check out Qtsaver which was built on this insight.
But even if Qtsaver will eventually change the world – it will change only the data – not the structure…


udi segal said...

SO QT provides a structure for the atoms of info?

zeevveez said...

It takes the atom (info-unit) out of its molecule (search result page with many info-units); puts is near similar atoms that deal with the same idea, for example - and eventually lets the user rearrange them according to his needs.