Thursday, September 01, 2005

To Change the World

The need to prepare a presentation for our investor brings me back to the beginning.

How did this wonderful QTSaver adventure begin?

Well, I met my partner, Oni, 25 years ago in Quest. Quest was a group of people in which each member was convinced that changing the world is less important than changing him.

Back then Oni and I had a few deep talks about human nature and idealism. After a few months our ways separated . We met again a year-ago in the house of another old friend from the days of Quest. I was busy showing everybody my latest thaumatrope invention. A blue triangle was drawn on one side of a small circular disk of paper, and another blue triangle on the other. This was suspended between two pieces of string. I twirled the disk and Oni saw the flag of Israel.

-What other inventions do you have? Oni asked.
-QTSaver, I answered.

The rest is history.

Anyhow my life turned 180 degrees around. Now I understand that QTSaver is maybe going to change the world, but it seems that I will remain an incorrigible idealist.

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