Saturday, September 10, 2005

Group Browsing

Web browsing, like most of today's desktop applications, is usually a solitary
activity. Other forms of media, such as watching television, are often done by
groups of people, such as families or friends.
What would it be like
to do collaborative Web browsing?

I feel that this question is the beginning of a new trend.

I imagine pupils in New York browsing about Global Warming then saving and tagging their findings under "Global- Warming- New-York", on Furl, for example

Each pupil can use a whole library of web pages instead of the several that he might have gathered for himself. I think that this kind of Group Web Browsing is fun; it makes you feel that you are a part of a community and that you are not alone in your browsing.

Unfortunately a group can not view QTSaver results on Furl since Furl retrieves the web page only for the subscriber and the public can view the link to the original page which means making the search again. Furl is restricted by copyright regulations but I think that if there would be a place to upload pages to - and get a URI - then furling them would be possible.

I told all this to Furl in my feedback and asked whether they know about such a place/tool on the Web?
Otherwise I'll have to make it all by myself.

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