Saturday, September 24, 2005

About Me

Two months ago I wrote a comment to a newspaper article about the relevance of QTSaver and got an email from a reader who is a computer expert. He wanted to try QTSaver out. I sent him the passwords (it was before QTSaver became Beta) and didn't hear from him. Today he sent me another email telling me that he uses QTSaver a lot and added:

Can you tell me a little bit about your initiative and its correlation to
your background? Are you a businessman and this is your main occupation or is it
a free time hobby?
I retired two years ago, I replied, and since
then I'm writing feature film scripts.
I taught myself Microsoft Access and made the first draft of QTSaver. Then
I gave this clumsy draft to my partner Oni. Oni contacted very capable
programmers and they improved Qtsaver by highly sophisticated algorithms, and
made the data available through SMS and regular phone, so that now it's hard to
recognize my part in it.

The next day I got the following reply from this computer expert:

Great to hear that a hobby can lead to something so profound and

I love to read warm words about QTSaver, especially when they come from an

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