Saturday, September 10, 2005

Interim Summing Up

I just got this comment from BroadProspect:

The QTSaver sounds interesting; I really want to try it out. I talked about the
concept in my Blog

This is the first comment that was triggered by my Blog (I don't count Allen Searls' interest in QTSaver since this relationship was initiated by an e-mail I wrote him).

After a month or so my Blog hosted 400 visitors (including about ten spammers)
The exposure is even higher if I count Blog readers like Rojo, technorati, , feedster, etc. that copy every post I upload and publish it to their readers.

This is much more than I expected because I already built a site for a documentary film director and it had only twice the amount of my Blog visitors in a whole year.

This is my Blog's measurable Interim Summing Up.

But how do you measure the fun?

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