Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Microcontent Engine

I read on "Minding the Planet" That

Microcontent is "small content." That is, small, granular pieces of content,
each with an unique identity and URI, that may be published, subscribed to, and
linked across the network.

Long ago, while I was learning folk tales at the University, I came across the
Aarne-Thompson Index of "Motifs".

A motif may be an action, an item, a character, or even a direct quote from the
book. However, whatever that motif is, Aarne and Thompson have identified it as
an improtant characteristic of at least one folk tale. Their method involves
comparing the motifs present in the stories. Stories that have many of the same
motifs are then classified as related and given a number.

This idea of taking the smallest unit of an idea fascinated me ever since and the result is QTSaver, which arranges the same web motifs according to different needs.

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Anonymous said...

the QTSaver sounds intresting, I really want to try it out, I talked about the concept in by blog , are you from israel ? send me an email to BroadProspect (AT) gmail dot com please