Monday, September 26, 2005

One Right Result

These days I'm busy telling the visually impaired community the herald about QTSaver.
It's no wonder that I came across David Faucheux's article

Is There a Place for Us? Toward the Full Inclusion of Blind and Other Librarians
with Disabilities.

David Faucheux is a blind librarian who was fully accepted into the library community and his life story is an inspiration for every human being who faces hardships. He's also a blogger.

I wanted to invite him to use QTSaver and I found his email address ( ) at the end of his article. The email came back. So I entered his name with the word "mail" into QTSaver and got only one answer – but it was his new Email address.

Later I found out that the right Email was right after the wrong one in the article. It seems that I was so impatient that I grabbed the first result, but any how it's very satisfying to get one right result instead of a long list of links that leads you to many right results.
See the photo on

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