Tuesday, September 27, 2005

First Bug

Yesterday I got my first bug-report:

-I click on the search button and nothing happens
-Well, can you please send me the names of your Operating System and browser?

The next Email was headed "QT solver"

I found the problem! If I use Internet Explorer as my browser it works fine.
It's when I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser that the search does not work.
These days, many people are using Firefox as an alternative browser due to its
user friendliness as well as its security.

He solved his problem but I still have to fix the bug.
My site Meter tells me that 20% of the visitors used Firefox 1.x browser – so how come all the others didn't complain about this bug?
Anyhow it is a historic moment in QTsaver's growing-up-story, and thanks for the feedback.

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