Tuesday, September 13, 2005

QTsaver - how did I miss it

This is what BroadProspect wrote about QTSaver:

QTsaver - how did I miss it

as a result of my post regarding the Orion new search method, I came a
cross a tool QTsaver,
I actually contacted the owner of the blog and the inventor of the tool and
found out that this tool already exist for a few years now, he let me use this
and I must say that I really enjoy it and think that there is a lot in it.

As it seems, micro content aggregation tools are great for people who are doing
research a specific subject, IMO, they do not serve the user who wishes to buy a
specific widget and is looking for a good place to do it, for this the regular
SERP or even better, a shopping engine will be a much better research job. both
way of searching, or actually I should say displaying results serve a specific
need, I guess that it is up to the tools providers to educate the right audience
what is the best tool for them.

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