Thursday, September 29, 2005

Interesting Piece of Reading

Finding friends and foes on Site Meter is a new possibility.
How did webmasters live so long without it?

Yesterday morning I found out that a visitor from Washington who used Macintosh spent 9 minutes and 48 seconds on viewing 16 pages after entering the key word TheConcept into Google's BlogSearch.

I guess it was someone from Mesa Dynamics, the company that owns theConcept, since they reside in Washington D.C. and since their search tool works only on Macintosh.

Then I thought that if my guess is true what a surprise it must have been for them to find out that not only QTSaver is their competitor but also Orion and Surfnotes.

I'm sure that for them reading what they would define as my secrets was the most interesting piece of reading. This is what happens when reading becomes personal, greedy and emotional.

I know - it happened to me when I found out about my competitors...

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