Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yahoo My Web Beta

Today I downloaded Yahoo My Web Beta toolbar to my desktop. I entered the word "QTSaver", got my results, and started tagging them. My first impression was enthusiasm, so I decided to make Yahoo My Web Beta my home page for a while, until I'll learn how to make the most out of it.

After I cooled down I thought that Furl and Blinklist and RSS readers like Rojo will loose me and a lot of others like me as clients since Yahoo My Web Beta does more or less what they do, but under the same roof.

Also I estimate that more people will move their homepage from Google to Yahoo My Web Beta, so that in the near future Google will have to present a similar tool, and even a better one.

Still there are features that I miss in Yahoo My Web:
I want to tag all the results' from one query as a batch (like in Flickr). For example I want to tag in one click all my Blog posts that Yahoo retrieves as "Blog".
In furl I can store a results' page from QTSaver but in Yahoo My Web I can't.

Anyhow Yahoo My Web Beta is another new Web 2.0 tool and I feel that Web 2.0 is on its way to conquer the world. Each day more and more people understand its usefulness. Since Qtsaver is a Web 2.0 tool it has now more chances to succeed.


Mind Valley said...

Thanks for your post. We are always concerned when we hear that people would rather have Yahoo! My Web beta as their homepage vs. BlinkList. What specifically are you missing in BlinkList? Or, what specifically does Y! give you that we do not offer. Sure, it is all under one roof and that will always be a handicap that we have to deal with.

However, I was hoping that you might be able to give us some specifics since we are always trying to make our service better and better.

We are too passionate to give up this early, so hopefully we can demonstrate that we can become the single best site but it is a tough burden and will not be easy. Hope to hear from you. Mike

zeevveez said...

Dear Mike,

As a start-up that just starting its way up my heart is with you.
I hope that you'll keep on taking the growing in the shadow of giants as a challenge…